Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fashion Advice for my Future Daughter

Friends, as much as I may try to pretend to be a fashionista, I'm no style expert. Sure, I may be able to put together a snazzy outfit every now and then, but I'm no style blogger that can get 3,000 likes on an instagram photo that is just a picture of my shoes. Despite this flaw, I hope that one day, I will have a daughter, and that daughter will turn to me for fashion advice. Even though I know it will be short lived, since she will eventually stop asking me for help and will instead start sneaking out the window so I don't see what she's wearing, I will still hope and dream that I will be here number one fashion icon. Here are a few tips I've already got up my sleeve:

1. If you're anything like your mother, you won't be able to resist the glittering allure of a sequined number. Just remember that sequins are painfully scratchy--stick to a sequined skirt and you'll get all the glamour without all the blood.

Long sleeves also protect your arms from unsightly scratches. 
2. A good-lookin' headband can take your look from "I didn't wash my hair" straight to "I'm Blair Waldorf and I'm here to take over the world" in an instant.

3. You can never have too many pairs of pants with elastic waistbands.

4. Speaking of pants, please make sure you always have a pair of the following: pink pants, dress pants with an elastic waistband, black leggings, sweatpants, and one pair of jeans that you have basically lived in for the past three years.

5. Don't be duped into silly fashion trends. "Drapey pants" is a fancier way to say "eatin' pants," and do not let J. Crew trick you into paying $115 for sweatpants.

6. Try not to stress out too much over having all the shoes, but make sure you have at least one pair that makes you feel truly glamorous. And remember, mixing bourbon-laced milkshakes with suede boots is never a good idea. (Also, if you're consuming bourbon anything, it better be because you are over 21.)

7. Make sure you own at least one tacky Christmas sweatshirt.

Look at your mom and dad, all young and hot! Don't be embarrassed. 
8. There will be one color out there that will light up your face and make you feel fabulous like no other. Buy all the clothes you want in that color and don't let anyone tell you to stop.

9. Be weird. Experiment. (Experiment with fashion only, no other experiments allowed, thank you very much.) It's the only way you will figure out your own true style, without feeling like a copycat of everyone else. And if people make fun of you, just ignore them--they're just jealous you were mixing prints way before it was popular.

10. You will want to own at least one pair of aviators. Just trust me on this one.

You see? Total badassery. But don't use that sort of language, okay?
11. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't leave the house without "putting your face on." Some days, makeup is just too much work, and that's okay. Not to mention, as I am sure I've told you many times by now, your natural beauty is all you need.

12. Fashion trends come and go. If you don't feel like wrapping a blanket around your neck and calling it a scarf, then don't. You do you--your confidence is really the only style you need.

This is just a beginner's guide--as I continue to amass copious amounts of fashion wisdom, I'm sure I will have much more to share with my children in the future.

What kind of fashion tips do you have for the kids?

All Love,

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