Monday, January 5, 2015

Music Monday, V. 21

One of the things I missed most about blogging was introducing all my lovely readers to new music. I knew you rely on me as your #1 music expert (and don't tell me anything otherwise), so I can't imagine what a struggle it was without me to supplying you with a hip music playlist. Fear not, dear reader! That time is over. Not only am I bringing you a new playlist today, but I'm going to clue you in on some artists I think will be big in 2015.

- Fitz and the Tantrums
In 2014, "The Walker" brought Fitz and the Tantrums some well deserved recognition. If you haven't heard "Fool's Gold," yet, hear it today and be amazed. Okay, maybe "amazed" is a strong word, but I promise you will love it.

- Night Terrors of 1927
I've been waiting for this band to have their time in the spotlight since the end of 2012. Recently, they released a collaboration with Tegan and Sara, and it was one of my favorite songs in 2014.

- Bleachers
Okay, so maybe Bleachers had a great run in 2014, but I am still obsessive over their debut album, Strange Desire. It makes me feel like I'm in the middle of an '80s love story, in a good way. I heard that Fun. is getting ready to do another album, so that might mean Bleachers will take a break, but I sincerely hope they don't go away forever.

- Hozier
"Take me to Church" was released months ago, but I'm still all over that song and I can't get enough of it. I think 2015 will continue to see great work from this band.

- Vance Joy
Once I heard "Riptide" sometime back in early 2014, I knew I had found another music true love. I love Vance Joy's sound, and now that he is opening for Tay Tay on her tour, I know that 2015 will be another great year for him. I am SO PSYCHED to see him in July!

- Ingrid Michaelson
You know I'm rarely able to put together a music playlist without mentioning Ingrid. She is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite artist, ever since I heard "Keep Breathing" on Grey's back in 2007, and felt like she was speaking to my soul. Ingrid's latest album, Lights Out, was released in the spring of 2014 and her single "Girls Chase Boys" got quite a bit of airplay. I will keep pushing Ingrid's music for as long as I have a blog, and then some!

There you have it, friends--my top music recommendations for 2015. This list won't cover all the great music that is sure to come this year, so fear not, I will continue to post Music Monday lists with the latest and greatest that should be filling your ears.

 All Love,

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