Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Wedding Style

Wow! Bet you didn't expect to hear from me two days in a row, and barely 24 hours apart at that! What can I say, I broke my rule of not drinking during the week and I've been in an exceptionally good mood.

Anyway, Weddington Way recently contacted me and asked me if I would write a post about styling some of their featured dresses for a winter wedding. I happily obliged--after all, I used Weddington Way for my very own wintry nuptials, so I'm basically an expert. Why other agencies haven't contacted me for my expertise, I'll never know.

Here's the deal: Weddington Way is this super awesome service that lets you browse hundreds of different designers, styles, and colors for bridesmaid dresses. You can rank your favorites, then invite your leading ladies to join so they can vote on the dress they will be wearing as you walk down the aisle (and totally wearing again, because you will obviously pick such a versatile dress!).

Winter Wedding Style

dress // Weddington Way; earrings // Kate Spade; wrap // Nordstrom; rings // Topshop; shoes // Nina; clutch // Kate Spade

I picked the Zoe dress in Something Navy to style. I love the one shoulder neckline, and I think the lace adds a nice touch that you don't usually see on a bridesmaid's dress. I also love going with a classic color like navy and pairing it with silver accessories. The colors make me feel like it's a snowy, winter scene, without being too over-the-top, like the colors red and green would be. 

I had the most fun with this post when it came to picking out accessories. I LOVE pretend shopping--it's all the fun of shopping, without the drain on your wallet! I picked some jewelry that I like to refer to as "subtle glam"--not too flashy, but elegant enough for a special event like a wedding, like these earrings from Kate Spade and these stackable Topshop rings. I actually am kind of in love with these rings, and might just have to buy them and wear them all day, every day. 

I picked a pair of Nina shoes, because let me tell you--Nina is the BEST brand for wedding shoes. They have lots of different styles and colors to choose from, so you can go with a classic color like silver, or mix it up and go purple (not with this dress, I just say that because I actually had the above shoes in purple as my wedding shoes). You can find them at Nordstrom and at Zappos...probably other places too, but those are two of my favorite online retailers. 

I threw a wrap in there, because it's winter and all, but once you hit the dance floor, who needs it? And lastly, a girl's gotta have a place to keep her phone and lipstick--I absolutely adore this clutch from Kate Spade. It's more than I would ever pay for a clutch, but a girl can dream, right? I felt like the whole ensemble could use some multicolored glitter to spice things up, and this is perfect. It's not like you carry your clutch when you walk down the aisle, so no worries about outshining the bride, or not matching the others. 

So friends, what do you think of my ensemble? Oh, and in case you were wondering, we went with a purple, a-line, v-neck dress with a bow in the center. I don't think it's still available, but here's how my ladies looked: (gorgeous, duh)

And if you're interested in other winter wedding type posts, you can check out more details on our wedding here. Not to brag or be biased or whatever, but our wedding was beautiful and awesome and probably the best ever.

**Just want to add that I didn't receive any compensation or products from Weddington Way in exchange for this post--I really enjoyed my experience using Weddington Way, and I want to share that!**

All Love,

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