Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gettin Weird With Millicent: Chewy Review March Edition

Hello there, my very best blogger friends in the whole wide world! Your favorite goldendoodle blogger is back! Guys, I have been a very busy doodle lately. I've had adventures all over the world--from the beaches of the Outer Banks, to the mountains of Virginia, there's no new land for this dood to conquer! I've also been very busy hosting parties, making new friends, and supervising the wildlife on the neighborhood nature trail (here's a hint, wildlife: get off my trail!).

As you can see, I am a very sophisticated doodle. It was no surprise when Chewy invited me to be one of their blogger friends! This month, my mom said, "which bag of treats would you like to review," to which I enthusiastically replied, "ALL THE TREATS!" Unfortunately, I lack opposable thumbs, so I was unable to communicate this to my Chewy friend, Catherine. Instead, my mom selected a bag of Orijen Bison treats. Although I would have preferred all the treats, as stated above, these little buddies sure were delightful!

At first, I didn't understand what was going on. I mean, that brown envelope smelled intriguing, but was I supposed to have it? I know that all paper products are classified as a "Millie leave it," so I thought it was a trap. Luckily, my mom opened up the envelope, and there was a bag of treats, all for me!

I was ready to dive right in, but my mom made me go through all sorts of tricks, then she insisted on taking pictures and video. Geez, parents can be so embarrassing, amiright?!?

FINALLY! One of those sweet bison treats landed in my mouth, and readers, they did not disappoint!
Truthfully, readers, I would eat anything--I think my history of sock consumption tells us that. But, my mom insists I have a "sensitive tummy," and she is very selective about what I can and cannot eat. Good thing these bison treats are only made from one meat ingredient, and they are grain free! They're perfect!

I've been exploring Chewy's other products and I'm dying for my mom to order something else! I could really use a new harness, guys. Unfortunately, my mom says I'm set for now because I'm already spoiled enough. In fact, she insisted I post this video, but I think it proves nothing.

Just FYI, guys, you can get free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49, and 20% off your first autoship order! Do you see that, mom?!?! You can get treats automatically sent to me ALL THE TIME!!!!!

That's all for now, guys! Now that I've got energy from these bison treats, I'm ready to get back to blogging and fill you in on all of my adventures this past year.

Furever yours,


We received a bag of treats from Chewy for this product review, but all opinions are mine (and Millie's). 

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