Friday, March 6, 2015

Lean in Together

In honor of Lean in Together, I thought I would take a hot minute to tell you about a very special man in my life--my incredibly wonderful husband, Matt.

Thanks, SoHo Photography!
Some days,  my eyes fill with tears as I think about how lucky I am to have found him. We met completely by chance at a bar in Winchester, and he has been a constant in my life ever since that moment.

This has been a tough winter for me. Most days were bad days for me, and the cold and gloomy weather hasn't helped. There were times when I struggled to find the energy and motivation to even leave the house, but Matt was always on board with whatever I wanted to do. If I wanted to lay around in my sweatpants, eat Joe's Pizza, and watch Hart of Dixie, Matt readily obliged. On the days when I felt too overwhelmed to go to the grocery store, he would head off to Wegman's and get everything we need, plus a bottle of my favorite wine. He takes care of our sweet girl Millie, walking her in the single digit temperatures and never complaining.

Love can be found in grand, romantic gestures, but most days, love is in the details. Love is when your partner says simply and honestly, "I believe in you--I know you can do this." Love is when your husband holds you while you sob uncontrollably, then wipes away your tears and says, "you're so beautiful," meaning every word. Love is someone who can spend an entire day with you, doing nothing but napping and watching Netflix, and still consider it one of the best days of their lives.

By its very nature, Life is tough and filled with challenges. When one person must work late, the other takes care of the dog and cooks dinner. When one person says, "I dream that I will..." the other says, "that is my dream too." Matt and I get through this Life together. We support each other's goals and ambitions, and take turns as "the strong one" when the other feels too weak.

We Lean in Together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

All Love,

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