Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Power Couple TV

Matt and I have some big dreams. We dream of having kids, moving back to the mountains, and buying a single family home with a big yard. We dream of Matt one day qualifying for the US open, of me becoming a bestselling author, of Millie finally being crowned Best Dog in the Galaxy. We dream of winning chili cookoffs, karaoke competitions, and giveaways for local escapes worth $10,000.

Go to Mardi Gras in Nola--a dream we made a reality
Yes, we have a very big, ginormous dreams, and while some of these may never come to fruition (we cook chili maybe twice a year), we do what we can to make others a reality.

Those who are close to us have probably heard us talk about our desire to make a podcast. These discussions are usually after a few glasses of wine, but the thought always lingers in the back of our minds, even when sober. Finally, one snowy night, after a round of very strong rum & cokes, we sat down in front of Lappy and started recording. Our podcast turned into a webcast, because just recording our voices seemed really complicated that evening. We spent a solid 25 minutes talking about movies and pop culture, and ended with a rant from yours truly about everybody needing to lay off criticizing T. Swift. It was totally brilliant, but after considering our (my) level of inebriation, we decided to delete.

Fear not, dear readers--our dreams of a webcast did not melt with the snow (how's that for a metaphor??). After weeks of frustrating work schedules and menopausal weather, we finally got back to it. We probably could have been a little more prepared, but it started to feel like we were leaning on "oh, we need to plan it first," as an excuse, and decided there was no time like the present.

So here it is, friends, in all its glory--the first edition of Power Couple TV. The star of this video is clearly Millie, who stares creepily from the hallway at multiple points. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for future episodes, and we would LOVE to hear your thoughts on upcoming topics!

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