Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ten Reasons to Love Winter

Lately, I feel like I've really been noticing the pictures from all the CA/AZ/FL bloggers, posting Instagrams  of their everyday lives that are always covered in sunshine. At first, I thought to myself, "is this because you're jealous of their gloriously warm weather?" No! It is because I am so terribly sad those people don't get to experience the joys of winter. All you tropical friends out there, let me tell you what you're missing--by the end of this post, I GUARANTEE you will want to switch spots with me.

1. Getting to know your skin
Do you feel like you and your skin don't really have a connection? Is everyday a perfect skin day for you? If you answered yes, you need a healthy dose of an east cost winter! You will experience dry, flaky skin (at the very least) and an odd redness that no moisturizer in the world can fix. 

2. You learn how to be a homeowner
There is nothing that really makes you appreciate the difference between buying vs. renting then a pipe cracking and flooding your (finished) basement. It's quite the learning experience, and you get to learn more about what restoration and mitigation means more than you would ever have realized! I mean, #blessed, amiright?!?

3. It's always boot weather
Remember in the fall, when every blogger and their grandma was like, "OMG I get to wear leggings and boots!"? Well, from roughly November-March it is ALWAYS boot weather. It's basically a bloggers' paradise! Just FYI, you probably should keep your leather/suede/anything other than LL Bean boots in the closet.

Sturdy boots for the win!
4. The majesty of a winter's morn
There's nothing quite like a snowy, frozen landscape. There's also nothing quite like grimy, white stripes covering your car, and a gray/black slush lining your driveway. Also, watch out for the yellow snow.

5. An appreciation of warm weather
Winter can really teach you the value and blessing of a day that reaches 45 degrees. 

6. Creativity with fashion
Have you ever tried to add a second layer to skinny jeans? It's not easy, but there should be some sort of award when you make it happen. 

7. Quick fixes for bad hair days
When temps rarely break single digits, you must resign yourself to wearing some sort of head covering. This is to your advantage because you can never have a bad day when all you do is yank a toboggan over your head. 

8. Supporting local business
Our family has single handedly kept the Leesburg Station car wash in business. You're welcome, economy.

9. Get in Shape without Trying
Move over, Jillian Michaels! The new home workout is walking your dog through six inches of frozen snow.

10. Motivation to Clean
Readers, I know I'm not the only one who struggles to get motivated to do some housekeeping. Salty, snowy footprints that have been tracked across your hardwood floor are the only motivation you'll ever need!

That's all I have for you today, but there is PLENTY more to love about winter. What do you think? Ready to pack your bags and come hibernate with the rest of us?

For the love of all that is holy, I hope spring gets here soon.

All Love,

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