Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gettin Weird With Millicent: Chewy April Product Review

It's a tough life for a dood, guys. Every morning, I have to wake up and make sure my parents get out of bed. How will they make it to work without me?!?! Then I scarf down my breakfast as quickly as possible so I can play tennis with my dad while he drinks his coffee. He would be so bored without me! Next, I keep watch on the house all day. All day, guys! Then, before I can even manage a little nap, my parents are home and I've got to take them around the neighborhood for some exercise, then make sure they cook dinner correctly.

You understand--it's exhausting! 

Luckily, I got a few special surprises this month from my friends at Chewy!

First, I got this great brush--a furminator! I'm a doodle, guys, I need to keep my coat looking soft and silky! You don't get to be the best looking dog in the neighborhood with matted fur!

My mom called this brush, "dual sided." She says that's a good thing because it can be used on different coats or different purposes. That means I can share this brush with all of my friends! Did you know it also helps reduce shedding? Not that big of a deal for a doodle like me, but I might pass that tip on to my buddy Copper--bless him! 

I mean, guys, thank goodness my good friends at Chewy sent us this brush! I could use a little pampering (see above re: rough life).

Not only that, but I also got a special toy in my box and it was AMAZING! I snatched that toy from my mom and played with it all night. Usually I can destroy a toy within minutes (I'm very proud of this fact), but this little guy lasted for days! In fact, it's almost May and that toy is STILL holding on! Way to go, little sheepskin buddy!

That's all I have for you today, guys. My parents locked up my favorite rope toy and I've got to attempt a rescue.

Furever yours,


We received the Furminator brush and toy from Chewy for this product review, but all opinions are mine (and Millie's). 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Anthro Party

Friends, the most special time of year has almost arrived...my birthday week! I'm kicking things off today with a ladies' night with my neighbor. Somehow, I was invited to a birthday party at Anthropologie (I'm guessing they do it for everyone who has an account, once a mont). Never one to pass up an invite that says "free snacks," I quickly accepted and invited my friend to come along. I also received a 15% off coupon, and I have been stalking the website the past few weeks, trying to decide what I might buy to treat myself for my birthday. Here are a few of my options:

Anthro Finds, Spring 2015
top left // top right // bottom left // bottom right // center
There was a plethora of gorgeous dresses to choose from, and I'm leaning towards one of those so I can have something quite to wear at my birthday celebration. However, I could always use a new skirt, ESPECIALLY one with such a cute bow in the front. Or, in the end, I might just come home with a room diffuser. Their candles are heavenly, and when I saw that the same scents now come as room diffusers, I nearly fell out of my chair. I will have the best smelling home in all of Northern Virginia!

Who knows what I will end up choosing, but I'm sure I will be pleased! I know my posting is sporadic, but you can always catch me on Insta

linking up with Nicole for Treat Yo Self Thursday!

All Love, 

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