Thursday, April 9, 2015

Anthro Party

Friends, the most special time of year has almost birthday week! I'm kicking things off today with a ladies' night with my neighbor. Somehow, I was invited to a birthday party at Anthropologie (I'm guessing they do it for everyone who has an account, once a mont). Never one to pass up an invite that says "free snacks," I quickly accepted and invited my friend to come along. I also received a 15% off coupon, and I have been stalking the website the past few weeks, trying to decide what I might buy to treat myself for my birthday. Here are a few of my options:

Anthro Finds, Spring 2015
top left // top right // bottom left // bottom right // center
There was a plethora of gorgeous dresses to choose from, and I'm leaning towards one of those so I can have something quite to wear at my birthday celebration. However, I could always use a new skirt, ESPECIALLY one with such a cute bow in the front. Or, in the end, I might just come home with a room diffuser. Their candles are heavenly, and when I saw that the same scents now come as room diffusers, I nearly fell out of my chair. I will have the best smelling home in all of Northern Virginia!

Who knows what I will end up choosing, but I'm sure I will be pleased! I know my posting is sporadic, but you can always catch me on Insta

linking up with Nicole for Treat Yo Self Thursday!

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