Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been dragging along, and I didn't even have a full work week--I'm currently on my way to Blacksburg for one of my best friend's wedding. Unfortunately, I think having one day off during the week makes the time stretch even longer. Just a fact of life.

Anyway, I have a few confessions for you today, my friends, and if you'd like to see the wedding-related shenanigans I'll be up to this weekend, you can follow me on insta.

- My neighbor and I went to the Taylor concert in DC on Monday, and it was basically bomb dot com. First of all, (in addition to some teenager I've never heard of) Vance Joy and Haim were the openers. I didn't even realize Haim was opening, and when I saw their banner up onstage I literally lost my mind. Second, Lorde was her special guest. Lorde! All these amazing musicians in one night, my heart could hardly handle it! Lastly, Taylor always puts on an amazing show, and the energy from the 45,000 people in Nats Park was incredible. Also, fireworks. Lord knows I can't be unhappy if fireworks are involved.

Also, this one time I met Taylor Swift ant it was magical--she wasn't even popular but her show was so good, I immediately bought her debut album. She was super sweet, signed our CDs, and took pictures with a whole line of people. This is basically my claim to fame.

- Blogging is tough, because who hasn't said that before? I was so eager to get back to blogging when I basically have zero ideas for posts. Of course, the moment my wrist healed up was the moment I started yet another class for grad school, which hasn't helped.

- I have a problem, and it's called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I think I've gone to the website basically every day since early access started, hemming and hawing over this and that and agonizing over every decision. The items I ended up choosing arrived yesterday--I decided I would take a few things back, which meant I obviously should buy some other things to replace those things. Cooler heads prevailed, and although I couldn't resist going back for this necklace, I've managed to end up with a smaller balance than what was originally spent.

- Speaking of the sale, it's open today for everyone! If you buy anything, you should buy this awesome beer opener. I bought one for Matt last Christmas and we love it--I think I've also bought three or more since that time because they also make excellent gifts.

- This is one of the best things the internet has ever created. My favorite is, "pretty obvious which sibling is going to have to deal with all the nursing home stuff." Poor Mary!

- Do not be alarmed if you see random posts every now and then about volunteer administration and philosophies and concepts and whatnot. I'm just completing assignments for my grad school class and will resume normal programming shortly.

- Last year, I was in no mood for summer to end. This year, it's the opposite--I'm kind of already over summer and am ready for fall...but for the love of all that is holy, please do not give me another winter like last year.

- I disappointing was the Amazon Prime sale?!? Talk about a letdown! I ended up ordering some items that had been in my cart, but they weren't even part of the sale. What a waste.

Those are all my confessions for the day, friends! Have an excellent weekend and party positive.

All Love,

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