Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Past Two Months

Hello, blog friends! It has been well over two months since my last post. In that time, while in the midst of attempting to bring back a favorite 90s trend, I went a little too fast on my rollerblades, flipped backwards, and broke my wrist. Two months, one surgery, and countless physical therapy sessions later, I am almost completely healed.

Look at that face.
A broken bone is quite an inconvenience. I know you're all thinking, "well, obviously," but YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! You don't even know. Once that wrist was broken, I knew life would be a little more difficult. However, there were so many little, everyday things that I never would have imagined to cause me so much frustration. Here are just a few examples of the struggle with living with a broken wrist:

- Getting dressed: Honestly, I could manage almost every article of clothing except for my bra. If Matt wasn't around to help me, I resorted to camis with built-ins and looser clothes. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

- Ponytails: Hair styling of any kind was quite cumbersome--I resorted to paying money at the local beauty bar several times just so I would look halfway decent. Worst of all, I couldn't hide my hair troubles with a ponytail. It took me about a month and a half to do one myself; until then, I relied on my mom/MIL, friends, and any woman in the immediate vicinity to take care of it for me.

- Personal care: Showers were obviously out of the question, so of course Matt had to help me with washing my hair and whatnot for a good while. I also needed help with toothpaste, perfume, putting on jewelry, etc. There is currently a dent in my Tory Burch rollerball perfume lid, because one morning I got frustrated and tried to open the lid with my teeth. Needless to say, that was an unsuccessful endeavor.

Headbands and hats were my best friends.
- Writing: If you're going to break your wrist, break the one you don't write with, okay? My left handed writing was so atrocious, I usually just resorted to whatever scribble I could muster with my injured hand. "Your left hand writing isn't that bad," they would say. No--you don't want to see what my left hand will do.

- Paper towels and soap dispensers: One day, a little girl in the Nordstrom bathroom watched me as I struggled to get soap out with my elbow. Thanks for the help, kid! Paper towel dispensers that required you to grab with both hands and pull were also my enemy.

- Driving: For about two and a half weeks, I was in a hard cast that went past my elbow, so there was no driving to be had. Many thanks to Matt and several co-workers for chauffeuring me around.

Despite all the setbacks, I feel very lucky that my injury wasn't worse. Recovery has been slow, but I'm certainly making progress. I'm so thankful I have Matt, who was basically a superstar during all of my ups and downs, and my parents, who helped us out after surgery. And let's not forget this dood:
THAT face!
Just don't expect me to get back on rollerblades anytime soon.

All Love,

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