Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blacksburg Favorites

Blacksburg, Virginia is one of my favorite places on Earth. The four years I lived there were some of the best of my life. Although nothing will ever be the same as those days, I still love going back to visit. I love showing Matt around, and I look forward to the day when we can bring our kids to football games, all decked out in maroon and orange baby clothes.

The day he became a full fledged Hokie.
Even if you don't have any Virginia Tech ties, Blacksburg is still a beautiful town to visit. It's tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains, and there are plenty of things to do to fill a weekend. Here are a few of my favorite things to see and do in the heart of Hokie country.

- War Memorial Chapel and Monument
In my opinion, War Memorial is one of the best spots on campus. It's a beautiful tribute to the fallen Hokies who have served our country over the years, and it's positioned to overlook the drillfield, making it a peaceful spot to just sit in silence.

- Downtown eats and drinks
If you're looking for a local place to dine, look no further than downtown Blacksburg. There are places to take your parents (Poor Billy's Seafood), all the way to places that will satisfy your 2am hunger needs (Joe's Diner). A few of my personal favorites include:
  • PK's: Deliciously greasy pizza! On Thursdays, you can play Tijuana Toss and call a coin toss to get your pizza free. 
  • Sharkey's: Not the finest cuisine, but they make a mean grilled cheese served up with a side of tots, perfect during $3 Strong Island happy hour. 
  • Poor Billy's Sushi: Basically, this restaurant turned me into a girl who wanted to vomit at the thought of sushi, to a girl who couldn't get enough of it. 
  • Carol Lee Donuts: A little bit past the downtown area, this tiny little donut shop is worth getting up at early. Just don't put your donut box on top of your car then drive off, or the local wildlife will have a feast. 
R.I.P., giant box of donuts.
- Outdoor adventure galore
Nature enthusiasts LOVE Blacksburg. There's the New River, which offers tubing and, in some sections, white water rafting, and plenty of hikes to be found amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains. Some local (and personal) favorites include:
  • Cascades: This is definitely a hike for all ages, and the serene waterfall awaiting you at the end is worth it. One of the best times to go is actually in the winter--then you'll get a chance to see the water covered in snow and frozen in time. 
  • McAfee's Knob: Not being a naturally athletic person, I never attempted the McAfee's Knob hike. However, I wish that I had, because the views are stunning, and you can always hit up Homeplace Restaurant at the end (which means all you can eat fried chicken, ham, roast beef, biscuits, and mac n cheese). 
Photo courtesy of my college roommate. Thanks Laura!
  • Tubing on the New River: You can't go to Virginia Tech and not go tubing on the New River at least once. Obviously a poor life decision if the river is flush with rainwater and raging along like a beast--but in the hotter months of summer, it's a life saver. 
- Lane Stadium
Attending a football game in Lane Stadium will convert you to a Hokie lover AND a football lover, all at once. The atmosphere is truly magical, and it's something you need to experience yourself. Also, tailgates are everywhere and Hokies are always welcoming. 

Also...giant turkey legs!
This is just a sample, and I know I didn't even begin to touch on the magic that is Blacksburg. Any other fellow Hokies out there have places they would add?

All Love!

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