Friday, September 11, 2015

Goodbye Summer

Now that Labor Day is behind us, and September seems to be moving at a rapid pace, it's really time to say goodbye to summer.

Sunset over the sound on Hatteras Island. 
I've found it hard to really get into the spirit of things this summer. Things started off on a bad note when I broke my wrist and ended up needing surgery. In addition, Matt and I both worked quite a bit and didn't take a vacation. I'm not trying to say that summer was terrible, it just didn't feel like summer. We felt extreme heartache a few times this summer, most especially when we lost Matt's grandmother in early July. I also had to come to terms with the reality that we wouldn't be spending any more summers at my grandma's beach house in the OBX. Even when we found out we were going to be parents, my nights were riddled with exhaustion and anxiety over all the things that could go wrong in the first trimester.

Despite all the doom and gloom of the previous paragraph, I am grateful for this summer. I'm grateful for the nights spent watching Netflix, eating Joe's Pizza on the couch while Millie barks her fool head off at anything that moves on the nature trail. I'm grateful for time spent with our neighbors, doing little more than sitting around in our driveways eating ice cream. I'm grateful for the road trips we were able to take, even though we weren't always taking them together. I'm grateful for our family, who supported us through the toughest times and already show so much love for our little sweet potato.

As I look back over the summer, it feels like one of the seasons where time feels suspended. I'm ready for fall, ready for a change, ready for this new adventure that awaits us in February.

All Love,

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