Monday, September 7, 2015

Music Monday, V.25: Noah Gundersen

Big news--HUGE. One of my favorites, Noah Gundersen, just released a new album. At first listen, I wasn't super excited. After all, I was still deeply enamored with his previous album, Ledges, and I couldn't stop comparing the two.

However, I've continued to listen to it all week, and there's more to it and it definitely deserves to be played on repeat. It feels slow and quiet at first, but in each song you'll find spots that suddenly burst with emotion and makes me want to cry (not at all hormones, because we all know I have a lot of feelings).

Now that I've fallen in love with Carry the Ghost, I can officially give it my stamp of approval and tell the world to go download the album (and obviously download Ledges too, if you haven't already).

All Love,

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