Monday, September 14, 2015

Styling the Bump: Part 1

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So far, styling my ever-expanding pregnancy bump has been fairly easy. I attribute that to two reasons:
  1. It's summer and I don't have to wear pants, and 
  2. Even before pregnancy, I shopped for pieces that could either accommodate a food baby, or still be worn in the event of a Crohn's flare-up and gaining 15 lbs from steroids. 
Of course, there are some clothes that I've had to push aside in my closet (see pants comment above). Luckily, the majority of my wardrobe remains functional, and other than this pants expander thing that I haven't even removed from the package, I haven't made any maternity clothing purchases. Here are my recommendations if you're slightly pregnant, or you need your clothes to accommodate your love of carbs and ice cream:

1. Maxi dresses
Literally the best. Even shorties like me can find some that fit, and if not, I'll spend the money to get them hemmed. Not only do they make you look cute with (or without) a baby bump, but you can wear them without shaving your legs. Win-win.

Note the dress in the middle during non-preggo times. Although not pictured, it has also served the bump well!
2. Empire waist dresses
Also great dresses that can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy. Bonus--shorter dresses can be worn with leggings and sweaters in the fall. Gotta love those pieces that can function in all seasons!

That's no maternity dress--it's been in my closet for five years!
3. Elastic waistbands
I know I have waxed poetic about my love of elastic waistbands many times on this blog, but really, they have to be one of the greatest inventions! In addition to my Hue leggings, I also love the Lilly Pulitzer travel pants. These pants are more dressy, so they are acceptable for the office, and you can even get away with wearing a shorter top (tip: wait for one of their half yearly sales and these pants are usually half off). I also love shorts with elastic waistbands--this kind of clothing is also helpful if you ever break a wrist, because getting dressed is a breeze!

There you have it, friends--the wardrobe staples that have carried me through almost 19 weeks of being pregnant. Any other pregnant or formerly pregnant ladies have any tips?

All Love,

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