Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gettin' Weird with Millicent: Basic Doods

Hello my very bestest friends in the whole wide world! It's your favorite doodle Millicent here, and boy oh boy, have I got some news for you!

A few weeks ago, my buddies at Chewy sent me some pumpkin bars to sample. At first, I was skeptical. If it ain't a Dr. Woofr, I ain't interested!

Mom made me try one anyway, and guys--it is the best thing I've ever tasted! Other than that time Grandpa Gary gave me a donut. That was pretty good too.

Mom told me I was so basic for liking pumpkin bars. I was confused. I'm not a basic, I'm a doodle!

basic golden doodle

Then mom explained I just happen to obsess over the things everyone else obsesses over. I thought, "well, nothing wrong with being a basic dood and loving all of the best things in the world!" Here are just a few of the things a basic doodle, such as myself, might be obsessed with:
  • Blankies
  • Ice cubes
  • Licking stuff
goldendoodle licking pillow

  • Cleopatra (AKA, "that damn cat," according to my dad)
  • Mulch
  • Other buddies
  • Bopping
  • Cuddles
  • Tennis balls
goldendoodle licking pillow

What kind of doodle wouldn't want to be basic? The best part is, my mom and Chewy are going to give away a bag of the most delicious treats to one very special dog! Mom says you just have to hop over to Instagram to check it out. I'm not sure what that means, all I know is my mom will say, "Millie, you are getting soooo many likes on Instagram!" Whatever, mom!

Editor's Note: We received a complementary bag of Blue Buffalo treats from Chewy. All opinions are my own (and Millie's!). Thanks for supporting Thoroughly Modern!

Furever yours, 


Monday, October 26, 2015

Travels and a Music Playlist

Friends, it is absolutely bananas that we are almost to November! This past few weeks at work have been insane, and it's been tough to feel like I'm keeping up with life in general. This past Saturday was a whirlwind of activity while I tried to get everything packed and ready for my big trip to Portland.

Yes, that's right, I'm currently taking in the sights and sounds of Portland, Oregon! I'm a big girl and I'm doing a presentation at a national conference. I also plan on eating lots of donuts.

On Thursday, I'll fly into Nashville, where Matt will join me for my best friend's wedding weekend, and there will be much rejoicing. After the wedding festivities, we will drive down to my hometown, where Millie will be awaiting us at her grandparent's house.

LOVE Abingdon Virginia
There will most definitely be a repeat of this photo shoot. Hello, Christmas card picture!
This week will probably be just as bananas as every other week has been this month, but I'm really looking forward to exploring a new city, introducing Matt to Nashville, and just getting out of the same old office routine for a little while (I realize that makes it sound like I'm stuck in the office all day, which is definitely not the case, but I was kind of going nuts with so many programs going on). I've got a few posts planned for the week, but you should definitely follow along on Instagram (because an exciting announcement will be coming that way as well). Fair warning, you will probably see lots of pictures of food. In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a bit obsessed.

pork benedict new orleans
I discovered this magical pork benedict in New Orleans. I can't wait to see what Portland and Nashville have in store for me!
Here's our fall playlist, with some updates!
- I heard "America's Sweetheart" by Elle King on AltNation the other day, and I was immediately hooked. I absolutely love her voice, but I definitely needed something new after an entire spring/summer of hearing nothing but "Exes and Ohs," (awesome song at first, not so awesome after the one billionth play).

- Since I'm heading to Nashville, I figured I should add an all time classic from my girl, Loretta. Obviously, I had to include a song from the show Nashville too. (Also, definitely thinking about Hayden Panettiere and hoping she's able to work through everything she's dealing with right now. I'm so terrified of the prospect of Postpartum Depression, and I'm sure it means a lot to plenty of women to see her stand up and seek help.)

- Kodaline's latest album came out earlier this year, and I keep finding new songs to love. "Coming Alive" is my current favorite.

- New Adele!!! Perfect timing--I love it when I have new music for my travels!

Enjoy the playlist, friends!

All the love from Portland,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Styling the Bump: Part Two

Hello, friends! Time for another edition of styling this ever-growing baby bump. Lately, it has been a real challenge. I took these pictures about three weeks ago, and at that time I was still able to wear most of my normal clothes.

Not anymore. I can still wear a few pieces, but for the most part, I'm transitioning to maternity clothes. It was fun while it lasted!

maternity fashion

Shift dresses are another example of a clothing piece that's great for the early days of pregnancy. If the fit is a little loose, throw on a skinny belt to highlight the baby pump.

pregnancy fashion

I wore this little get-up to my father-in-law's birthday dinner. This was probably the last time I actually got dressed up and put on makeup. Most days, I'm content to just hang out in my sweats and eat pizza. I guess that's not much different from my pre-pregnancy days.

maternity style

This is my Carey Mulligan, indie girl look. Or maybe it's the look I get when I see a dog in the distance and I'm trying to recognize it.

pregnancy style

I don't know what's going on here, but my photographer said it looked good, so I went with it.

Now that I've gotta move into the maternity realm of the fashion world, you'll start to see more posts with clothes specifically made for us ladies with a bun in the oven! Don't worry though, I'll be sure to include non-maternity options--I know I"m such a trendsetter you'll be dying to recreate my outfits!

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All Love,

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend of Nothing

This was a weekend of a whole lot of nothing, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some of the great things you can accomplish with a weekend of nothing:

  • Buy a few maternity clothes
  • Play some candy crush
  • Eat a lot of food
  • Cuddle with a sweet golden doodle
  • Buy a new bag of treats for said golden doodle 
  • Work on grad school assignments
  • Avoid laundry
  • Rearrange the decor on your nightstand
  • Hang out with the best husband around
L'Auberge French Restaurant
Full disclosure: This picture is from about a month ago. Weekends of nothing do not involve makeup and photo shoots.
As you can see, a lot goes into a weekend of nothing. I think I'm going to need a day off to recover. 

linking up with Biana and Meghan for Weekending

How was your weekend? 

All Love, 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday: Pittsburgh, PA

Since 2013, I meet up with the amazing ladies I grew up with in my church youth group and we have ourselves a reunion. Since we're a bit scattered, we take turns hosting, and this year's reunion was located in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh.

pittsburgh skyline

Pittsburgh is not the coal-choked city it used to be. Since the 1970s, the city and its people have made major efforts to keep it clean, and it shows. There's plenty of shady parks all around the city, and many newer buildings must follow LEED requirements, which means they follow steps to make sure the building uses less energy and leaves less of a carbon footprint.

Although it was a short weekend, it left me wanting to explore more--there's definitely plenty to do in the city, but here's a short list to get you started:

- The Strip District
Rose, our host, assured us that the "Strip District" had nothing to do with nudity--just in case that's where your mind went to! It's a mix of touristy shops and interesting shops, such as local vendors and authentic Italian markets. It was also the location of the OG Primanti Brothers, where we obviously went for lunch.

original primanti bros

primanti bros pittsburgher

- A Duck Tour
I absolutely love going on Duck tours--I get a little thrill like I'm on an amusement park ride or something whenever the vehicle makes its way into the water. The Duck Tour was a great way to see the city, without having to walk a million miles (which I definitely was not interested in doing during my first trimester).

pittsburgh pnc park

ohio river

- Sarri's Candies
Rose let us get a glimpse of this magical place by putting some Sarri's chocolate in our welcome bags, and we insisted we make a stop on the way back to the house. I believe this is technically outside of the city, in the suburbs, but the place has a chocolate castle--need I say more?

sarri's chocolate castle

- Mount Washington
We didn't take the little trolley car up the mountain on this trip, but I would love to do that the next time I visit. Fun fact: when the trolley was first built, the workers who lived on the mount still took the stairs, because they recognized the value of good exercise and saving money. The trolley company was none too pleased people weren't eager to be lazy and/or get to work faster, so they came up with a solution. They hired actors (usually former steel workers who were injured) to "haunt" the stairs, and that was the end of that!

pittsburgh mount washington

We attended mass on Sunday at St. Mary's on the Mount--a beautiful church, with equally beautiful views.

pittsburgh mount washington skyline

- The Grand Concourse
You all know how I feel about brunch. This place offered a brunch buffet WITH a donut machine that churned out fresh donuts, all in the setting of a former train station. As you can imagine, I was beside myself. And in a food coma.

grand concourse pittsburgh brunch

As usual, the reunion was way too short, but we all had a wonderful time catching up and seeing the sights of Pittsburgh together.

Wanderlust Wednesdays
Linking up with Kate, Emily, and Kerri for Wanderlust Wednesday!

Anyone else have any good Pittsburgh tips?

All Love,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Recap and a Music Playlist

Hello, friends! How many of you lucky dogs get today off, thanks to Columbus allegedly "discovering" America? Not me. It's okay though, because on these types of days I can lock the doors at the office, let the phones go to voicemail, and ya know, G.S.D.

It's hard to believe that October is rushing by, but I'm also okay with that--October can go ahead and get out the door, as far as I'm concerned. November may do the same. I know I'm supposed to be savoring this time, and enjoying these last few months before baby arrives, but there is so much going on at work right now, all I can do is eagerly await Thanksgiving, when things slow down and the pressure of too many projects and deadlines are off my shoulders.

Matt and I spent Saturday exploring a treasures sale in Purcellville. After a day of searching, we ended up buying a beautiful clock for Aida's room that was actually from one of the boutiques in town, instead of a vendor. We had fun though, and here are just a few of the interesting items one may find at a Treasure sale:

Look at me, rocking denim on denim like I'm bringing back the 90s! I didn't realize I did this until after lunch that day, but I believe all denim, all the time is the latest thing, so we're going with it. Outfit details below.
- Rollerblades (none for me, thanks)

- Storage jars that proudly exclaim, "Joe and Brenda's Kitchen"

- Creepy vintage toys (I saw a babydoll high chair that looked like it belonged in an 80s horror film)

- Random holiday decorations

- The scent of beef and onions wafting through the breeze, because every church in town has decided now would be a good time to do a hot dog and baked good fundraiser

- Politickin'

- Dogs--lots and lots of dogs. Every time we saw one, we looked at each other and said, "Millie would have loved this!"

It was a beautiful day, and we ended it with dinner at Ford's with friends. I spent most of Sunday working on homework for grad school, but thanks to the day before I felt relaxed and calm. It didn't hurt that I have a wonderful husband who did the grocery shopping--grocery stores on a Sunday trigger my anxiety like nothing else.

Enjoy your day off, friends, because tomorrow you'll be draggin! Here's the Fall playlist, with a few additions to last week's list:

- CHVRCHES--I'm embarrassed I left off tunes from their super amazing new album on last week's list

- New song from Disclosure, featuring Lorde, everyone's favorite New Zealander musician...right after Flight of the Conchords, obviously!

- One of my favorite FofC songs, because I just mentioned them and it reignited my love.

This post contains affiliate links, and if you lick on one and/or make a purchase from that click, I may receive a commission. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting Thoroughly Modern!

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Monday...let's get to it!

All Love,

Friday, October 9, 2015


HAPPY FRIDAY! It really is the best day of the week, what with the whole weekend ahead of you and all. I'm linking up with the lovely Belinda to share some of the many things that are making me happy today (other than two days off work, obvi!).

- 23 weeks down, 17 to go!

- I've been trying to do a bit more physical activity lately, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself. It helps to have a workout buddy.

goldendoodle workout buddy
Follow me on instagram to see the video of Millie lifting weights! (Sort of.)

- New TV shows--I'm loving Quantico, Scream Queens, and Blindspot. Blindspot features Classic Tammy!

- Surprises in the mail for Baby Aida (and no, it's not Kitten Mittons). My brother and his girlfriend sent us a sweet package, and I literally lost my mind when I unwrapped the fuzzy, pink hoodie with animal ears. Lost it.

- Baby kicks--I'm starting to suspect we've got the next Carly Lloyd on our hands, except she'll be a much nicer person.

- Baby Showers! So far this list is really starting to take on a baby theme, but what can ya do, it really is one of the most exciting times in our lives! This week I received the invite for a shower my friend and college roommate is throwing for me--it was the cutest, handmade invite, but what did I expect? Molly's crafting skills have always been on point.

- This weekend, we've got plans to look at cribs, check out a giant yard sale, and probably do some carb loading. Oh, and maybe I'll take a nap! Sounds like the best kind of weekend to me.

What's making you happy today?

All Love,

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Power Couple's Must Have Baby Registry Items

This past weekend, Matt and I made a trip to Babies R Us to get our registry started. Like with any registry, it was a tad bit overwhelming. We really only spent about an hour at the store before calling it  day, and I was exhausted. It got me thinking, "wouldn't it be nice if there was some place on the internet that offered advice on this subject? Maybe a tool that allowed you to create inspiration boards, and you could virtually "pin" these helpful articles to your idea boards and save them for later?" That sounds like a money invention I'll have to get working on. In the meantime, here are some crucial items to add to your registry, straight from your favorite Power Couple!

baby registry guide

1. Kitten Mittons
Keeps your cat from being TOO LOUD, and your kid from scratching her face off.

2. Lactation Cookies
Oh, I need to eat cookies to improve my breastmilk supply? For the sake of my child? Okay, but I better eat the whole bag, just to be safe.

3. Diapers
I don't think I've ever bought diapers as a baby gift, except maybe once, and that's probably bad karma. I get it, but it's like buying wedding gifts--sure, the tupperware set is SO practical, but the gold-rimmed champagne flutes are much more fun.

4. Places to Sleep
When you're new to the parenting thing, you'll probably think, "I need to get a crib--a nice, comfortable place for baby to sleep." You are wrong. Not only do you need a crib, but you will also need a pack 'n' play, a bassinet, a carseat, a rocker/swing, and a cardboard box. Kidding on the cardboard box, at least for babies--because how fun is it when you're older to drag a sleeping bag, snacks, and books into the box the new refrigerator just arrived in? The best time of your life.

5. Randoms
When you're in the middle of a giant store filled with nothing but products for babies, you are inevitably going to register for items you never knew you needed. Air freshener things? Probably a good idea. Pink safety pins? We may not even attempt cloth diapers, but if we do, our baby will look so fashion forward! Anything with a puppy dog motif? I'll take it! Pretty soon, you'll black out and you won't realize what you've done until hours later, when you review your list and think, "how many bottle-safe dishwasher racks does one need?"

Friends--you are welcome for all that free advice I just dished out. I know people will be falling all over themselves to get this helpful post saved for later!

Any other new moms/moms-to-be have a similar experience?

All Love,

Monday, October 5, 2015

Music Monday V. 26

Happy Monday, friends! Should those two words every really go together? "Happy" and "Monday?" Probably not. After a lovely, relaxing weekend that involved chocolate chip cookies, this sweet potato hash, and a little bit of shopping, I am not ready for this work week. To make it sting a little less, I'm going to kick it off with a coffee and breakfast sandwich from my favorite local bakery. We can do anything for five days...right?

perfect chocolate chip cookies
I could eat chocolate chip cookies for five days, that's for sure!
Hope you all survive, too. Here's a little music for your work week:

Formerly known as "Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jr.," this band has a new song and album and I LOVE IT. It's a little bit eighties and whole lot of something I want to listen to all day, every day.

- Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2
So apparently, when Jack Antonoff writes music, he hears it in his head sung by a female. This album is just a bunch of amazing female artists lending their voice to covers from Strange Desire. My favorite is Sia's rendition of "Like a River Runs."

- "She Used to be Mine," Sara Bareilles
Did you know my girl Sara B. scored an entire musical? And it's probably amazing and the best thing ever?? She just released one of the songs from the musical and it is wonderful--one of those beautiful songs that make you cry.

- "Wolves Without Teeth," Of Monsters and Men
I've listened to this song all summer and I still can't get enough. The rest of the album is also fantastic.

- Jukebox the Ghost
Matt and I saw them when they opened for Ingrid Michaelson this past summer--they're a fun band to watch live, and their music is also quite pleasing to the ear. My favorite right now is "Girl."

What's on your playlist this week?

All Love,
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