Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gettin' Weird with Millicent: Basic Doods

Hello my very bestest friends in the whole wide world! It's your favorite doodle Millicent here, and boy oh boy, have I got some news for you!

A few weeks ago, my buddies at Chewy sent me some pumpkin bars to sample. At first, I was skeptical. If it ain't a Dr. Woofr, I ain't interested!

Mom made me try one anyway, and guys--it is the best thing I've ever tasted! Other than that time Grandpa Gary gave me a donut. That was pretty good too.

Mom told me I was so basic for liking pumpkin bars. I was confused. I'm not a basic, I'm a doodle!

basic golden doodle

Then mom explained I just happen to obsess over the things everyone else obsesses over. I thought, "well, nothing wrong with being a basic dood and loving all of the best things in the world!" Here are just a few of the things a basic doodle, such as myself, might be obsessed with:
  • Blankies
  • Ice cubes
  • Licking stuff
goldendoodle licking pillow

  • Cleopatra (AKA, "that damn cat," according to my dad)
  • Mulch
  • Other buddies
  • Bopping
  • Cuddles
  • Tennis balls
goldendoodle licking pillow

What kind of doodle wouldn't want to be basic? The best part is, my mom and Chewy are going to give away a bag of the most delicious treats to one very special dog! Mom says you just have to hop over to Instagram to check it out. I'm not sure what that means, all I know is my mom will say, "Millie, you are getting soooo many likes on Instagram!" Whatever, mom!

Editor's Note: We received a complementary bag of Blue Buffalo treats from Chewy. All opinions are my own (and Millie's!). Thanks for supporting Thoroughly Modern!

Furever yours, 


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