Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Power Couple's Must Have Baby Registry Items

This past weekend, Matt and I made a trip to Babies R Us to get our registry started. Like with any registry, it was a tad bit overwhelming. We really only spent about an hour at the store before calling it  day, and I was exhausted. It got me thinking, "wouldn't it be nice if there was some place on the internet that offered advice on this subject? Maybe a tool that allowed you to create inspiration boards, and you could virtually "pin" these helpful articles to your idea boards and save them for later?" That sounds like a money invention I'll have to get working on. In the meantime, here are some crucial items to add to your registry, straight from your favorite Power Couple!

baby registry guide

1. Kitten Mittons
Keeps your cat from being TOO LOUD, and your kid from scratching her face off.

2. Lactation Cookies
Oh, I need to eat cookies to improve my breastmilk supply? For the sake of my child? Okay, but I better eat the whole bag, just to be safe.

3. Diapers
I don't think I've ever bought diapers as a baby gift, except maybe once, and that's probably bad karma. I get it, but it's like buying wedding gifts--sure, the tupperware set is SO practical, but the gold-rimmed champagne flutes are much more fun.

4. Places to Sleep
When you're new to the parenting thing, you'll probably think, "I need to get a crib--a nice, comfortable place for baby to sleep." You are wrong. Not only do you need a crib, but you will also need a pack 'n' play, a bassinet, a carseat, a rocker/swing, and a cardboard box. Kidding on the cardboard box, at least for babies--because how fun is it when you're older to drag a sleeping bag, snacks, and books into the box the new refrigerator just arrived in? The best time of your life.

5. Randoms
When you're in the middle of a giant store filled with nothing but products for babies, you are inevitably going to register for items you never knew you needed. Air freshener things? Probably a good idea. Pink safety pins? We may not even attempt cloth diapers, but if we do, our baby will look so fashion forward! Anything with a puppy dog motif? I'll take it! Pretty soon, you'll black out and you won't realize what you've done until hours later, when you review your list and think, "how many bottle-safe dishwasher racks does one need?"

Friends--you are welcome for all that free advice I just dished out. I know people will be falling all over themselves to get this helpful post saved for later!

Any other new moms/moms-to-be have a similar experience?

All Love,

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