Monday, October 26, 2015

Travels and a Music Playlist

Friends, it is absolutely bananas that we are almost to November! This past few weeks at work have been insane, and it's been tough to feel like I'm keeping up with life in general. This past Saturday was a whirlwind of activity while I tried to get everything packed and ready for my big trip to Portland.

Yes, that's right, I'm currently taking in the sights and sounds of Portland, Oregon! I'm a big girl and I'm doing a presentation at a national conference. I also plan on eating lots of donuts.

On Thursday, I'll fly into Nashville, where Matt will join me for my best friend's wedding weekend, and there will be much rejoicing. After the wedding festivities, we will drive down to my hometown, where Millie will be awaiting us at her grandparent's house.

LOVE Abingdon Virginia
There will most definitely be a repeat of this photo shoot. Hello, Christmas card picture!
This week will probably be just as bananas as every other week has been this month, but I'm really looking forward to exploring a new city, introducing Matt to Nashville, and just getting out of the same old office routine for a little while (I realize that makes it sound like I'm stuck in the office all day, which is definitely not the case, but I was kind of going nuts with so many programs going on). I've got a few posts planned for the week, but you should definitely follow along on Instagram (because an exciting announcement will be coming that way as well). Fair warning, you will probably see lots of pictures of food. In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a bit obsessed.

pork benedict new orleans
I discovered this magical pork benedict in New Orleans. I can't wait to see what Portland and Nashville have in store for me!
Here's our fall playlist, with some updates!
- I heard "America's Sweetheart" by Elle King on AltNation the other day, and I was immediately hooked. I absolutely love her voice, but I definitely needed something new after an entire spring/summer of hearing nothing but "Exes and Ohs," (awesome song at first, not so awesome after the one billionth play).

- Since I'm heading to Nashville, I figured I should add an all time classic from my girl, Loretta. Obviously, I had to include a song from the show Nashville too. (Also, definitely thinking about Hayden Panettiere and hoping she's able to work through everything she's dealing with right now. I'm so terrified of the prospect of Postpartum Depression, and I'm sure it means a lot to plenty of women to see her stand up and seek help.)

- Kodaline's latest album came out earlier this year, and I keep finding new songs to love. "Coming Alive" is my current favorite.

- New Adele!!! Perfect timing--I love it when I have new music for my travels!

Enjoy the playlist, friends!

All the love from Portland,

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