Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend of Nothing

This was a weekend of a whole lot of nothing, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some of the great things you can accomplish with a weekend of nothing:

  • Buy a few maternity clothes
  • Play some candy crush
  • Eat a lot of food
  • Cuddle with a sweet golden doodle
  • Buy a new bag of treats for said golden doodle 
  • Work on grad school assignments
  • Avoid laundry
  • Rearrange the decor on your nightstand
  • Hang out with the best husband around
L'Auberge French Restaurant
Full disclosure: This picture is from about a month ago. Weekends of nothing do not involve makeup and photo shoots.
As you can see, a lot goes into a weekend of nothing. I think I'm going to need a day off to recover. 

linking up with Biana and Meghan for Weekending

How was your weekend? 

All Love, 

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