Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Recap and a Music Playlist

Hello, friends! How many of you lucky dogs get today off, thanks to Columbus allegedly "discovering" America? Not me. It's okay though, because on these types of days I can lock the doors at the office, let the phones go to voicemail, and ya know, G.S.D.

It's hard to believe that October is rushing by, but I'm also okay with that--October can go ahead and get out the door, as far as I'm concerned. November may do the same. I know I'm supposed to be savoring this time, and enjoying these last few months before baby arrives, but there is so much going on at work right now, all I can do is eagerly await Thanksgiving, when things slow down and the pressure of too many projects and deadlines are off my shoulders.

Matt and I spent Saturday exploring a treasures sale in Purcellville. After a day of searching, we ended up buying a beautiful clock for Aida's room that was actually from one of the boutiques in town, instead of a vendor. We had fun though, and here are just a few of the interesting items one may find at a Treasure sale:

Look at me, rocking denim on denim like I'm bringing back the 90s! I didn't realize I did this until after lunch that day, but I believe all denim, all the time is the latest thing, so we're going with it. Outfit details below.
- Rollerblades (none for me, thanks)

- Storage jars that proudly exclaim, "Joe and Brenda's Kitchen"

- Creepy vintage toys (I saw a babydoll high chair that looked like it belonged in an 80s horror film)

- Random holiday decorations

- The scent of beef and onions wafting through the breeze, because every church in town has decided now would be a good time to do a hot dog and baked good fundraiser

- Politickin'

- Dogs--lots and lots of dogs. Every time we saw one, we looked at each other and said, "Millie would have loved this!"

It was a beautiful day, and we ended it with dinner at Ford's with friends. I spent most of Sunday working on homework for grad school, but thanks to the day before I felt relaxed and calm. It didn't hurt that I have a wonderful husband who did the grocery shopping--grocery stores on a Sunday trigger my anxiety like nothing else.

Enjoy your day off, friends, because tomorrow you'll be draggin! Here's the Fall playlist, with a few additions to last week's list:

- CHVRCHES--I'm embarrassed I left off tunes from their super amazing new album on last week's list

- New song from Disclosure, featuring Lorde, everyone's favorite New Zealander musician...right after Flight of the Conchords, obviously!

- One of my favorite FofC songs, because I just mentioned them and it reignited my love.

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Monday...let's get to it!

All Love,

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