Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Update

First of all, am I allowed to use this as a title? No, really, does SNL have a trademark on this? Because I'm not trying to get sued over the holidays.

Anyway, I finally got the nice, relaxing weekend I've been longing for since October. There were no work events, no grad school assignments, no social obligations--just an empty Saturday and Sunday to fill however we wanted.

On Friday, I had my glucose test, and it made me feel awful. The gross, sugary drink, the blood draw, and the fasting (plus the fact that I put my coat and scarf back on while still in the office) made me feel like I was going to pass out. I ended up taking the day off work, allowing my stomach to get back to normal and to get some much needed rest.

The rest was exactly what I needed to prepare me for more relaxing on Saturday. We saw the final Hunger Games movie (all the feelings), and I stuffed my face with the following throughout the day: bacon, orange cream french toast, french fries, and filet mignon.

On Sunday, I braved Wegman's to get all the food we needed for the week. My parents are coming into town for Thanksgiving, which means we need alcohol, cokes, and brownies. #Priorities. I plugged my headphones in and listened to Adele's new album to maintain my sanity.

We ended the day with a delightful meal of skillet spaghetti. Guys, there is just something about cheese melted under a broiler that warms my heart.

Now that I finally got a restful weekend, I feel prepared to take on this (very short) work week. How was your weekend, friends?

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