Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYE Outfit Inspiration

Happy New Year's Eve! After months of hemming and hawing over our NYE plans, we finally made a decision--a fancy dinner date, followed by watching Homeland in bed while cuddling with the dood.

That sounds about perfect to me. As of tomorrow, I will be 35 weeks pregnant, and I was in no mood for traveling or for parties that go on into the early hours of the morning. Plus, this will likely be our last, fancy date together, and it will be special for the two of us to reflect on 2015, and talk nonstop about everything that's about to happen in five, short weeks.

When Matt first suggested the idea, I may have been a little cranky and grumbled, "I don't have a nice dress to wear!"  Being the hero that he is, he took me to the mall and helped me find the perfect maternity dress for the evening. Every woman needs an LBD in her closet, pregnant ladies included!

NYE 2015 Holiday Style
LBD: Motherhood Maternity (non-maternity option here) // Vest (non-maternity): Target // Booties: Dolce Vita // Earrings: Kate Spade // Mascara: Guerlain // Necklace: Kendra Scott // Perfume: Jo Malone London // Watch: Kate Spade // Lipstick (not pictured): NARS

Once I found the dress, my brain immediately started running through accessory options. To add some shape to the dress, I decided to find a white, faux fur vest. I still feel a little unsure of this trend, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money--luckily, I found the perfect one at Target for just $35!

Next up, jewelry! I knew right away my Kendra Scott pendant necklace would go well with the dress. If I'm wearing a bold necklace, I like to keep my earrings simple. I love these pearl studs from Kate Spade--classy, with just the hint of bling that 's perfect for NYE. I am not really a bracelet person, so I'm a firm believer in a quality, statement watch that can easily add glam to any outfit, like this one from Kate Spade. 

Let's talk shoes. Non-pregnant me would go for black booties with a spiky heel. Pregnant me says, "No thank you," and opts for a more comfortable wedge. I love these Dolce Vita wedge booties, and they're on sale!

Lastly, like I said, this is going to be our last, fancy date for quite some time. Do you know what that means? Go big or go home. The look obviously needs to be finished with a bold, red lip and some high quality mascara. I love this Guerlain mascara--I never believed in spending over $10 on mascara, but I got this as a sample a few months ago and fell in love. I still use Maybelline, but for special occasions I break out my sample tube. I'll finish up my beauty routine with my favorite perfume, Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede. This was a Christmas gift in 2014, and it's another one of those things that I reserve for special occasions. Follow on Insta to see the completed look in real time tonight!

Before I go, I'll leave you with one, final song for #JAMPackedHoliday. I hope you all have enjoyed this daily playlist as much as me, and I'm definitely planning to do this next year with Kati Rose! Considering it is NYE, I obviously had to go with Auld Lang Syne; however, I decided to switch it up a bit with a modified version from Annalise Emerick. I remember stumbling upon this artist back at the end of 2012, and I was immediately smitten. I loved her music, but at some point forgot about her--I'm glad I have #JAMPackedHoliday to remind me!

I hope you all have the happiest of New Year's! What are your big plans tonight?

The Fashion Canvas

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Happy New Year,

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Styling the Bump: Poncho Edition

Ponchos and capes have been having a moment lately, and I'm not complaining! It's the best thing for this pregnant lady--the loose fit means it's something  I can wear both during and after pregnancy.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

I ordered this cute maternity top from Pink Blush for that very reason. It's in style, and it's something I can easily wear as I transition back to regular clothes.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

My baby bump keeps this top from working with leggings, but if you're in your early stages, or not pregnant at all, it may work.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

As usual, I wore my Sam & Libby boots from Target--I just can't get enough of these buddies! They make me feel so stylish and chic when I'm very, very pregnant.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

I can't believe we are less than six weeks away from meeting our little sweet pea! Putting her nursery together has made this all so real--we are so excited and so terrified!

Pink Blush Maternity Style

I've realized I need to actually start thinking about the whole labor and delivery thing, and should probably start making preparations. Don't worry everyone, I just ordered this hospital delivery robe from Pink Blush Maternity, so I'm basically halfway done.

Pink Blush Maternity Style
Poncho: Pink Blush Maternity (non-maternity style at Pink Blush) // Jeans: H & M (non-maternity here) // Booties: Sam & Libby // Necklace: Everyday Elegance (similar option here) // Watch: Kate Spade // Sunnies: Tory Burch // Bag: Longchamp
Pink Blush Maternity not only has a great selection of the cutest maternity tops, bottoms, and dresses, but they also have just about every style as a non-maternity version as well. I will definitely keep shopping here once I no longer have a baby bump!

As promised, the #JAMPackedHoliday playlist has been updated with the top 6 (technically top 7--Lifted Up was already on there) of 2015, and now we only have two songs left until it's a new year! Today's song is "Flaws," by Bastille, one of my favorite bands. I'm including this because as you may know, Millie had a birthday recently!

Goldendoodle of the Year 2015

Our sweet girl turned three, but since it was right after Christmas and I wasn't blogging, I didn't post anything that day. "Flaws" just so happens to be Millie's favorite song. When she was just a little tyke, I could sometimes calm her down by petting her gently and singing this song.

How do you lovely readers feel about ponchos and capes? Also, I'm curious, do your pets have any favorite songs (other than the ones you make up about them, obviously!)?

I received the maternity top from Pink Blush in exchange for a blog post review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

All Love,

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Top 15 Songs of 2015

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope many of you are still enjoying time with friends and family. I'm back at work today, but it's just today and tomorrow before another four day weekend awaits!

Since I've been slacking on #JAMPackedHoliday, I decided I would share my top 15 songs of 2015. Today's playlist will feature those songs, then tomorrow will be business as usual with #JAMPackedHoliday, and will include the top six of 2015.

Before I get started, I want to say that these are my personal favorites--some of them you've likely never heard of, and that's okay! Hopefully you'll find some new favorite songs. Let's get to it!

Top 15 Songs of 2015
15. "Running Behind," HOLYCHILD
Sometimes, I just need something fun--and "Running Behind" definitely delivers! It's just as fun to sing along as it is to listen, and makes a great addition to a workout playlist.

14. "Gone," JR JR
I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned multiple times how much I love this song--give it a listen and you'll understand.

13. "The Wolf," Mumford and Sons
I'm quite loyal to this band because of the special place Sign No More holds in my soul. I haven't loved any of their albums nearly as much, but I did enjoy this song and I hold out hope that they will get better in the future.

12. "Peaches," In the Valley Below
Winter of 2015 held quite a few struggles for me personally, and this song was always the perfect fit to my mood.

11. "Dearly Departed," Shakey Graves
This song wasn't playing on the top 40 charts, but it certainly made the rounds on just about every playlist I made! I basically lump all songs into two categories: Fun or Moody. Think of it as a Vinn Diagram. "Dearly Departed" falls into the overlap because it always boosts my spirits, but also gets me a little reflective at times. My favorite line is, "You and I both know that the house is haunted...You and I both know that the ghost is you."

10. "You're so Beautiful," Empire Cast featuring Jussie Smollet
I love it when television shows bring me good music, and Empire has constantly delivered! This song was one of our favorites--Matt and I loved singing along together, and sometimes switching out the lyrics to make it a song about Millie (any other dog owners do that?). I also made it a goal of mine to learn the rap Yazz performs in the middle, and I may or may not have nailed it.

9. "Coming Alive," Kodaline
Kodaline is a band you need to know. Seriously--go check them out on whatever music streaming service you use, then come back here so we can talk about how great they are together. They recently released their second album, and although I definitely prefer the first one, this one is starting to grow on me. "Coming Alive" is probably my favorite on the new album. Favorite line: "You're the clearest sky in the darkest weather."

8. "America's Sweetheart," Elle King
Elle King is definitely having a moment this year. She dominated the airwaves with "Exes and Ohhs," but she really got me with her latest hit. I feel like this is an anthem for all of us ladies--maybe you don't identify with Elle King, who I've heard really does have a mouth like a sailor, but I think we can all agree we're tired of being put into boxes and expected to act a certain way. This also happens to be one of Aida's favorites--she kicks along when it's on the radio.

7. "She Used to be Mine," Sara Bareilles
I waited and waited this year for some new music from my girl Sara B. It had to be about time--after all, it had been almost two years since Little Black Dress came out. Finally, she did release new music, but not like I expected--she scored a musical! Waitress is basically a musical version of the movie, and it's making its Broadway debut this spring. SB released an album of songs from the musical, all sung by  her, and this song is just absolutely stunning.

6. "Hello," Adele
What would a top 2015 music playlist be without this leading lady? I know by now this song has been played a bajillion times, but you know as well as I do how much we swooned all over ourselves when this song was released.

5. "Could Have Been Me," The Struts
To describe this song as "epic" would be an understatement. It makes me feel like I could go out and conquer the world--or at least maybe go on a run without taking breaks to walk.

4. "Emoticons," The Wombats
The Wombats used to be one of those bands I was half interested in--I wouldn't change the station if I heard them, but I also wasn't actively seeking out their music. All that changed with their latest release, Glitterbug. Every song just makes me want to wrap myself up in the album and never stop listening.

3. "Never Ending Circles," CHVRCHES
I was so excited when I heard that CHVURCHES was releasing a new album, I nearly lost my mind. Every Open Eye did not disappoint--it was everything I hoped it would be and more. That may sound dramatic, but I can get a little dramatic when it comes to my music.

2. "Crystals," Of Monsters and Men
OMAM is hands down one of my all time favorite bands, and since they released a new album this year, it obviously had to be included at the top of this list. I know I keep talking about how follow up albums never compare to the first, but this one certainly does--I listened to it quite a bit this summer and fall.

1. "Lifted Up (1985)," Passion Pit
I know I already included this song on a playlist, and it has definitely been my favorite song of the year. It just makes me so happy when I hear it, and even though it doesn't rhyme in the song, it just makes me think of how 2016 is going to be a great year.

When I started this list, I thought to myself, "15 is a lot of songs!" But now I'm second guessing and thinking of so many that I left off the list! Any of your favorites on here? What would you add?

All Love,

Monday, December 28, 2015

Weekending: Christmas Recap

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, filled with family and lots of delicious food. Matt and I had a really lovely holiday. We spent quite a bit of time running errands and picking up stuff for the nursery, but as always, we had a great time together. Much to my surprise, Matt really enjoyed going to Home Goods, and can't wait to go back--the section with all the unique foods and sodas is his favorite.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Matt's family. It was so much fun to watch our niece, Charlotte, open presents, and I'm so excited to have that experience with Aida in the future. I'm pretty sure we were more excited about Aida's gifts than our own!

On Christmas, we went to Mass and then spent the afternoon baking desserts for Christmas dinner. We made white chocolate peppermint brookies (a brownie-like cookie) and the most amazing cranberry orange cake. I wish I had better pictures to share, but this is all I've got:

cranberry orange cake

white chocolate peppermint cookies

I highly recommend both of these recipes--they were a huge hit and I'm very excited to defrost the leftover icing we have for some orange cinnamon rolls in our future!

We also celebrated Millie's birthday! She turned three on December 26th, and I just can't believe how time has flown! In addition to her Christmas toys, she got a new Himalayan chew, and a plush toy modeled after the doo doo brown emoji. Guess which one is her favorite.

goldendoodle birthday

With so much extra time on our hands, we of course had to take some outfit pictures! I'm styling another piece from one of my favorite online, maternity boutiques, Pink Blush Maternity. I love their selection of cute maternity clothes, and when I'm feeling the need for a little something new in my wardrobe, I usually turn to their website first.

Pink Blush Maternity Clothes

I felt like my maternity clothes consisted of too many neutrals. This can be a good thing when you're eight months pregnant, but I was definitely missing bright colors and prints.

Pink Blush Maternity Clothes

One maternity top I ordered from Pink Blush was this shirt with a bright, floral print. I love that it gives me the variety I wanted without being too overwhelming.

Pink Blush Maternity Clothes

It's the perfect length for leggings, it's soft, and it has a hood. What's not to love?

Pink Blush Maternity Clothes

Look! I have a pair of boots that still fit!

Pink Blush Maternity Clothes

Fun fact: Matt and I took these outfit pictures and then I went inside and changed. Sure, it would have been nice to wear this outfit for a casual day around town--maybe I will do that when the weather stops being SO WEIRD with 75 degree days at the end of December. I also wanted to wear one of the cute maternity dresses I ordered a few weeks ago for Christmas, but I just couldn't take the hot flashes. Go home, weather, you're drunk!

Pink Blush Maternity Clothes
Top (grey sold out, still available in Navy); Non-Maternity Top // Leggings (non-maternity option here) // Boots: Target (similar here) // Sunnies: Tory Burch 
Don't forget, friends, Pink Blush also has a regular clothing line, so most of these clothes can be found in regular sizes, too!

I know I have been negligent with #JAMPackedHoliday, and for that, I apologize! I will make it up tomorrow with my top 15 songs of 2015--the top 7 will be rolled into your #JAMPackedHoliday playlist!

I'm heading back to work tomorrow but it will be another short week. I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases!

I received the top from Pink Blush Maternity in exchange for a blog post; all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Linking up with Biana and Meghan for Weekending!

All Love

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Night Before Christmas

Hello friends! I just wanted to stop in today for a quick post. These next few days will be filled with lots of family, lots of food, and in the words of my niece Charlotte, "are all these presents for me?!"

The biggest thing I've learned about traditions in the past few years is how much they can change. Once you're married, your traditions have to change, and I think Matt and I are still working on setting our own traditions. Alternating time with our two families during the holidays has kept us from setting any sort of tradition in stone, but none of that really matters--what matters to us is that we are able to spend the holidays with the people who mean the most to us. I'll be checking out for the next few days, but of course I will return next week! I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas, and are also able to spend quality time with those you love.

All Love,

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Styling the Bump: Holiday Red

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve, everyone! Originally, I was supposed to work today, but I decided to take a half day since Matt had the day off--this is our last Christmas as just the two of us (plus Millie), so we're trying to make it as special and memorable as possible.

Speaking of spending time together, we recently took a spontaneous trip into the city for brunch and a quick photo shoot. I'm obviously not opposed to taking pictures here at home, but sometimes you just can't beat all the details you'll find in some of the older buildings in a city.

PinkBlush Maternity Pea Coat

One of my favorite online stores, PinkBlush Maternity, recently contacted me to review some of their maternity clothes in a blog post, and of course I said yes! I picked up this lovely pea coat during their Cyber Monday sale, and I've loved the style and quality, plus the fact that it fits comfortably over my bump! Now that it's getting chillier, I needed a nice, warm coat that actually buttoned.

PinkBlush Maternity Pea Coat

I loved browsing through their cute maternity clothes! One piece I chose was this stylish and comfy shirt. It's just one piece, which makes things simple, and nobody can tell the difference! I don't know about you, but I struggle with layering, trying to get everything lined up just right, so I love it when someone has already done the work for me.

PinkBlush Cute Maternity Top

The sweatshirt material is incredibly soft, which is super important to me right now because my giant belly has been really itchy. I wore it over skinnies, but it's definitely long enough that you can throw it over a pair of leggings.

PinkBlush Cute Maternity Top

This color would look so great with a pair of brown boots, too bad I don't own a pair--oh wait, I DO have a pair of brown leather boots, I just can't get them zipped up over these giant calves that came out of nowhere!

PinkBlush Cute Maternity Top

Don't worry folks, we took these pictures in front of offices that were closed for Sunday, I wasn't creeping on anyone's front stoop!

PinkBlush Cute Maternity Top

PinkBlush also has a regular store, so there are also plenty of fashionable options for all you non-pregnant ladies out there! (And for myself as day.)

I love the red plaid because it looks so festive at this time of year, but can still be worn before or after the holidays. I'll very likely be wearing this with my eatin' pants on Christmas day!

PinkBlush Cute Maternity Top
Top c/o PinkBlush Maternity (non-maternity option) // Coat: PinkBlush Maternity (non-maternity option) // Jeans: H&M (non-maternity option) // Booties: Target // Necklace: Lia Sophia (similar) // Earrings: Kate Spade (similar) // Tote: Longchamp // Watch: Michael Kors  // Sunnies: Tory Burch 
I also recommend browsing through their cute maternity dresses. I actually ordered this one last month and wore it to the Christmas Tea, and will likely wear it again and again because it is so cozy!

And now, for #JAMPackedHoliday! Kati recently featured Mumford and Sons on her playlist, and it made me realize how much I love listening to them at this time of year. I remember when I first started listening to them, back in the fall of 2010, and I did play their album, Sigh No More, over and over again right around the holidays. This album remains one of my all time favorites, and while I could get real moody here with the song choice, I'll leave you with something a little more upbeat: "Roll Away Your Stone." What's your favorite Mumford song?

Have any of you ever shopped with PinkBlush before? What are some of your favorites?

PinkBlush Maternity provided me with the shirt for a blog post review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

All Love,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Top 15 of 2015

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers, Chelsea at The New Wifestyle, put together a post about her 15 favorite photos of the year. These were photos that usually had a memorable story behind them, so it really was a way to recap her year through pictures. I commented on how much I loved the idea, so she made a link up!

The New Wifestyle 2015 Photo Linkup

It took me long enough, but I finally put them together--we've still got over a week left in 2015, so there's time for you to join in as well!

1. That ain't no etch-a-sketch, your eggo is preggo!

old towne alexandria

Although the majority of these photos will be in no particular order, this one definitely takes the cake. We snapped this pic in Old Towne Alexandria on the day we got that positive pregnancy test. (Read the full story here.) I remember poring over the menu in a restaurant, and trying to get my phone to load articles on what pregnant women could and could not eat. Although I was elated to find out such happy news, I also felt so much fear and anxiety as well. I'm so grateful I have this amazing husband who is with me in this journey!

2. Millie

Mardi Gras Goldendoodle

It's no secret that we are obsessed with our dog--she has basically been our first child! I grew up with dogs so I always knew how much joy they could bring to a family, and Millie has been no exception. This dog and her crazy personality brightens our day in so many ways--even when she is being a Rick Rickerson! (I will probably have to write a separate post on all of Millie's nicknames. We probably call her "Millie" only a few times a day.)

3. The Gender Reveal

baby girl gender reveal

Our "Gender Reveal" was nothing fancy, just a picture we took with some pink-frosted cupcakes (thanks Donna!) after our doctor's appointment that morning. It was just one more exciting step towards meeting Aida! (And I also kept saying I had a feeling it was a girl, so thanks for backing your mom up on that one, kiddo!)

4. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone


This year, a co-worker and I were accepted to do a presentation at our national conference. After I submitted my registration in July, I did nothing but dread the trip for the following three months. I didn't want to  spend time away from my family, I didn't want to get on a plane by myself, and I most certainly did not want to spend a week with a bunch of people I didn't know very well. In the end, I was so happy I went--I had a great time exploring Portland and getting to know my fellow 4-H Agents from Virginia, and I was so proud of myself for kicking ass and taking names during our presentation (the former is metaphorical, the latter is literal--people wanted to learn more!).

5. Exploring Nashville

grilled cheese food truck

This came right on the heels of the Portland trip. I absolutely love traveling with Matt--and I know I have been kind of mushy lately about how great he is, but it's the truth! I may not be as well traveled as some, but I love exploring new places, and it's so much more fun when you've got someone who is just excited as you to find all the best grilled cheese places in the world.

6. Our nephew, Felix

"No kidding around Felix, hurry up and get here!" These were the words of our almost-three year old niece, Nora, when her baby brother was taking his sweet time to arrive. Finally, we welcomed him into the world on November 18th. He's quite tiny and quite handsome, and we can't wait to finally meet him in person!

7. Building friendships with our neighbors

We've been so lucky to end up with great neighbors, right next door! We have some of the best times, doing nothing more than hanging out in the driveway, grilling or picking up Taco Bell, and watching the dogs go to town on some Himalayan chews. We feel even luckier that the three of us will all have baby girls very close in age--you're outnumbered, boys!

8. Reuniting with old friends

Every year, a group of us from my high school youth group plan a reunion. This tradition just started a few years ago, but I'm so happy we've been able to continue. Even with technology, it can be so hard to keep up with close friends after you move away.

9. Eating our way through 2015
Top Eats of 2015

It's no secret that we love going out to eat--I'm lucky to be married to a guy who who has his priorities straight. This year saw some very memorable meals, including grilled cheese food trucks (see above), L'Auberge, and our Chef's Table experience at Lightfoot for our anniversary.

10. Breaking my wrist

broken wrist

I wouldn't consider this a top moment of 2015, but it was certainly a memorable  moment! In any case, it did make me realize how much I take for granted having two, functioning arms and hands.

11. Working with a professional photographer

L'Auberge Restaraunt

You've probably noticed my fashion photos are so well done--it's because I use a professional, Matty T. (I'm sure you've heard of him). Sorry ladies, but I've got exclusive rights to his contract!

12-13: Standing by my friends on their big day

blacksburg wedding
This picture is so important to me--just two buildings over is where our friendship began!
Two of my very best friends tied the know in 2015! My college roommate, Molly, had a spectacular wedding in Blacksburg. Not only did that mean a trip to one of my favorite places in the world, but with all the pre-wedding preparations, I got to see Molly more than usual throughout the year!

My best friend got married this past fall in Nashville. I was very happy to be part of her lovely ceremony, and grateful we got to spend some time together before little miss arrives and our world is turned upside down.

14. Getting to spend more time with my parents

It's true what they say--you don't know what you've got til it's gone! I used to think I could be so chill about living away from my parents, but the older I get, the more I miss being close to them. It's incredibly difficult to find time to visit--it's about a six hour drive, and my busy work schedule doesn't always leave me many free weekends. Not to mention, they both work and have not just one, but three kids living all over the place that they need to find the time to visit. This year, it seems we were able to see them more than usual, and I wasn't complaining! I'm definitely looking forward  to their next visit when Aida arrives.

15. The gang's all here!

I just have the best time hanging out with Matt and our little dood. Take the other night, for example: we laughed so hard that I cried and my ribs ached when we read a book for Aida called "Snuggle Puppy" that made you sing the words. We both sang it in the most over-the-top way imaginable, and meanwhile Millie sits there tilting her head at the two of us. Yes, sometimes I'm cranky, and sometimes Millie is very naughty and puts everyone in a bad mood, but I wouldn't change any part of this life we have together.

Well, that's a wrap for 2015! For #JAMPackedHoliday, I'm going to leave you with quite possibly my favorite song of the year: "Lifted Up (1985)" by Passion Pit. Michael Angelakos wrote it for his wife, and the song is so epic, so upbeat, that I can help but sing along loudly whenever I hear it.

What were your top moments of 2015! Share with us and link up at the New Wifestyle blog!

All Love,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekending: Almost Christmas!

Finally, a Monday I can deal with! Just a few days of work then it's a five day weekend! I spent most of Saturday organizing Aida's things. I wanted to get an idea of what we have and what we need--what we have is a bajillion pairs of socks and bibs; what we need are more burp cloths! The rest of the day was very low key. We ate dinner, made Millie wear a Christmas sweater, watched Homeland, then went to bed by 9:30pm. That's my kind of Saturday!

goldendoodle christmas sweater

Lately, we seem to be making Sunday Funday a habit, and I am okay with that! We had originally planned to drive to Middleburg, a quaint, little town in the middle of horse country, but at the last minute we headed for the city. This is basically the only time of the week you'll find me willing to drive into DC--there was absolutely no traffic, and we easily found street parking close to Firefly, our brunch pick.

croque madame brunch

Firefly was recommended to us by some friends, and as you can see above, it did not disappoint. I have big plans to return one more time before Aida arrives.

Afterwards, my photographer took some pictures for a fun outfit post you'll be seeing later this week. Next, we made another spontaneous decision to go by Baked and Wired in Georgetown. We've heard so many good things about this place, and we figured there's no time like the present! I may regret this when I get weighed at my next appointment, but a chipwhich is always worth it!

ice cream cookie baked and wired

We ended the day with some window shopping and real shopping at the mall--somebody who has yet to make her grand entrance into this world got her very first Lilly outfit!

Speaking of shopping, if any of you last minute shoppers out there need help, take a gander at a few of these gift guides!

- Under $50 
- For the Men
- Dining and Entertaining
- For the Ladies
- For the Puppies! 

You might have to pay extra for shipping, but that is the price of being a procrastinator! Amazon is also great because they have a bajillion gift cards to choose from. Lastly, many of the stores that are featured in the gift guide have in-store pickup options--so if you're close, you can check that out and avoid paying more for shipping than your actual gift!

Don't worry, I didn't forget about #JAMPackedHoliday! I've got three songs for you today to catch up from the weekend. "From Afar," by Vance Joy, because he could sing to me all day long; "Mountain at my Gates," by Foals and "Love Me" by the 1975 because Matt suggested them and I needed help because I'm currently fighting off a food coma.

Joining Biana and Meghan for Weekending

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How was your last weekend before Christmas, my dear friends?

All Love,

Friday, December 18, 2015


Is it just me, or did this week last for basically a decade? I know I can't be the only on! It's like time slowed down because it knew next week will be short because of Christmas, so it had to drag out this work week in total agony.

Despite this week taking forever, it was still unusually busy in the evenings, so I'm going to make this a quick post for Five on Friday!

1 // I love Chelsea's post about her top 15 photos of 2015! Thanks to feedback from her readers (i.e. me and Elyse), she made it a link-up, so we can all join in on the fun! I'm planning to post mine next week, because it will be tough to choose my top 15 when I have 15 million Millie pictures to choose from.

Mardi Gras Goldendoodle
This picture definitely needs to make the list, right?
2 // My co-workers (somewhat) surprised me with the sweetest baby shower last night! Lots of  our volunteers came out as well, and we enjoyed some sweet treats and a very delightful hot chocolate bar. I'll have to do a roundup post for my showers before Aida actually arrives!

hot chocolate bar baby shower

3 // They just released the teaser trailer for Fuller House, and I confess I almost started sobbing when I watched it. Could be pregnancy hormones, but more likely it was Miranda's song, "House that Built Me" playing in the background, plus the appearance of what looks to be the Comet of Fuller House.

4 // I'm jealous of all my teacher friends who get a two week break after today (and you ladies deserve it!), especially because I've still got three more work days until my holiday begins. However, I am grateful to have a job that gives me paid holidays, and plenty of vacation so that I can take a few days off between Christmas and New Year's, and still have enough for maternity leave.

5 // Matt and I watched the Bill Murray Christmas special on Netflix the other night, and it did not live up to my expectations. However, it did have some good lines in it, and I love a good Christmas sing-a-long, especially when it includes Fairytale of New York!

And that brings me to today's song for #JAMPackedHoliday. One of my roommates during college was Irish and she introduced me to this song, and I've loved it ever since! It's very crass, and contains about zero Christmas cheer, but I still listen to it every year. Sometimes, Christmas songs explore the darker side of the holidays, and that's okay (I discuss that briefly in another post here).

Hope you all have been enjoying following along with #JAMPackedHoliday! What are some of your favorites at this time of year?

All Love,
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