Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gettin Weird With Millicent: A Puppy's Gift Guide

Hello Hello Hello my favorite people in the whole widest world! I wish we could all hang out together so I could show you how much I missed you! Instead, this blog post will have to do!

I've been at my mom all month, asking when I get to write my next blog post, and finally, here I am! I want to tell you all about the new toy I got from Chewy this month, but I also want to tell you what you should get your puppies for Christmas! Don't we deserve some love, too?

I thought so.

Holiday Gift Guide: Puppies 2015

Let me review for you the Millicent Thomas Approved gifts:


Did you write that down? As long as you have at least one of the above, your favorite fur buddy will love you forever and ever.  These are some of my favorites: 

- Himalayan Chews: made out of yak milk, they don't upset my tum tum!

- Blue Buffalo Pumpkin Bars: I almost love these as much as I love Dr. Woofrs (see below).

-  KONG jumbler football: My buddies at Chewy sent this to me as an early Christmas present and it is SO MUCH FUN! I like to run around with it, drop it, then bop it!

goldendoodle kong toy

My mom said that she is "pleasantly surprised" that I have not destroyed this toy, so I guess that is a good thing! (Editor's Note: It is a very tough toy, and we are quite pleased with it! Millie is able to grab it and play fetch and tug of war, her two favorite games.)

- KONG tugga wubba: I love a good rope toy guys--it's my favorite game to play with Grandpa Gary (sometimes I let him win).

- The First Lobster: My mom says I'm not allowed to have toys like these, but that's not fair! My best friend Mac gets to play with these toys all the time! Mom says these are the most durable out of all of them, and if she's going to "basically throw away money on a dog toy," she would  pick this brand.


- Dr. Woofrs: my favorite treats ever! One time my parents tried to trick me and give me buddy biscuits--NEVER SETTLE!

Now my mom is nagging me about #JAMPackedHoliay. What's a Jampackedholiday, anyway? Is it something you can eat? That sounds good! Wait, no--it's just a song. Well, fine. I pick "Let it Go," because of it's popularity, and because I made up my own lyrics to it about going doo doo brown. I wish I could share that song with you friends, it's so much fun, but mom says it is not appropriate. Mom is such a drag sometimes!

I know these are a lot of options for your puppies--but guess what! Chewy has two day shipping, and it's free when you spend over $49! You might as well buy everything on this list! (Please mom? I promise to stop acting like a "Rick Rickerson" when company comes over if you buy me these toys.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, there is a blanket that needs to be dragged up and down the stairs. Merry Christmas to all my best buddies!

Furever yours,


Editor's Note: We received the Kong Jumbler Football in exchange for a blog post review. All opinions are my own (and Millie's). The Gift Guide was Millie's idea.

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