Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Happy Tuesday, friends! Raise your hand if you feel like you're just slogging your way through the work week. Personally, I could not understand why I felt like I was starving every minute of the day yesterday, when I realized I suddenly went from consuming ~1000 calories at every meal, down to consuming ~300 calories at every meal. That'll do it!

grilled cheese comfort food
This was my lunch on Saturday--hard to go from that back to peanut butter and banana toast!
I started following another blogger recently, and I feel like musically-speaking, she totally gets me. Kati Rose is constantly attending the most amazing live shows, and posts about new music all the time. She had the totes bril idea to do #JAMPACKEDHOLIDAY this year--a song for every day of the month! Now, I know we all love our Christmas/holiday music, but this will give us a little variety, and I'm excited because it will give me a jump start on making my winter playlist in January.

I will definitely be following along, and I'll do my best to share new songs as well (but we all know I've been dipping my toe back into the blogging world, so you may get multiple songs on one day to cover for other days I missed).

Today I'm going to share a song I think we can all get on board with--Walk the Moon's "Work this Body." I know lots of people are still nuts over "Shut Up and Dance," but ladies and gentleman it is past time to move on from that song, and trust me, this one is another winner. It's got a super fun and catchy beat, and I can see this song making everyone say "Shut up and what?"

What new songs are you loving? Make sure you check out Constantly Seeking Wonder to play along!

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