Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Styling the Bump: Poncho Edition

Ponchos and capes have been having a moment lately, and I'm not complaining! It's the best thing for this pregnant lady--the loose fit means it's something  I can wear both during and after pregnancy.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

I ordered this cute maternity top from Pink Blush for that very reason. It's in style, and it's something I can easily wear as I transition back to regular clothes.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

My baby bump keeps this top from working with leggings, but if you're in your early stages, or not pregnant at all, it may work.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

As usual, I wore my Sam & Libby boots from Target--I just can't get enough of these buddies! They make me feel so stylish and chic when I'm very, very pregnant.

Pink Blush Maternity Style

I can't believe we are less than six weeks away from meeting our little sweet pea! Putting her nursery together has made this all so real--we are so excited and so terrified!

Pink Blush Maternity Style

I've realized I need to actually start thinking about the whole labor and delivery thing, and should probably start making preparations. Don't worry everyone, I just ordered this hospital delivery robe from Pink Blush Maternity, so I'm basically halfway done.

Pink Blush Maternity Style
Poncho: Pink Blush Maternity (non-maternity style at Pink Blush) // Jeans: H & M (non-maternity here) // Booties: Sam & Libby // Necklace: Everyday Elegance (similar option here) // Watch: Kate Spade // Sunnies: Tory Burch // Bag: Longchamp
Pink Blush Maternity not only has a great selection of the cutest maternity tops, bottoms, and dresses, but they also have just about every style as a non-maternity version as well. I will definitely keep shopping here once I no longer have a baby bump!

As promised, the #JAMPackedHoliday playlist has been updated with the top 6 (technically top 7--Lifted Up was already on there) of 2015, and now we only have two songs left until it's a new year! Today's song is "Flaws," by Bastille, one of my favorite bands. I'm including this because as you may know, Millie had a birthday recently!

Goldendoodle of the Year 2015

Our sweet girl turned three, but since it was right after Christmas and I wasn't blogging, I didn't post anything that day. "Flaws" just so happens to be Millie's favorite song. When she was just a little tyke, I could sometimes calm her down by petting her gently and singing this song.

How do you lovely readers feel about ponchos and capes? Also, I'm curious, do your pets have any favorite songs (other than the ones you make up about them, obviously!)?

I received the maternity top from Pink Blush in exchange for a blog post review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

All Love,

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