Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thoroughly Modern Gift Guide: Dining and Entertaining

We've made it to Thursday! Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. The weekend is practically breathing down our necks at this point.

Are you a total procrastinator and didn't bother to do a lick of shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Still totally stumped on your gifts? Don't you worry your pretty little head, because I've got another gift guide for you!

This gift guide focuses exclusively on dining and entertaining. Maybe you need a gift for your sister who is the Queen of all Dinner Parties; maybe you were invited to a fancy party and you need a hostess gift; or, maybe you just really want to buy yourself some trendy stemless wine glasses (#treatyoself).

I've got you covered for all of the above scenarios and more!

Holidays 2015: Dining and Entertaining

- These incredibly gorgeous tortoiseshell, double old fashioned tumblers from Pottery Barn are perfect for your bourbon-loving friend, or if you just like to feel fancy when you drink your orange juice. Bonus: comes in a set of 4 and they are currently on sale! 

- Back in my college days, I would have been all over these fun and festive shot glasses from Nordstrom. Now, they would more likely be used to measure ingredients for a margarita than for actual shots. Perfect hostess gift, or for your younger brother/sister/cousin that just turned 21 and wants to impress friends with their shot glass collection. 

- Slate cheese boards are big hits on Instagram these days. I like this simple and affordable one from Macy's. 

- Snack plates are the BEST for parties. Why? Because snack plates=less space=less food guests load on their plates=saving money. You're welcome. Also, you can't go wrong with these trendy prints from Kate Spade!

- We picked up a bar cart, very similar to this one, at Target a few years ago and it has forever changed our lives. It's a great way to put your fancy barware and accessories on display, and it's always a hit at parties. I definitely encourage you to #treatyoself on this one. 

- Coffee is a serious matter, okay? And if you're attending your 4th tacky sweater party of the night, you'll be hoping at least one host will be offering you some much needed caffeine. I love this set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond--it's classic, looks great on display, and has everything you need for the after-dinner unwind at parties. 

- Lastly, I present to you: Kate Spade stemless wine glasses. These are probably my favorite on the list. Last year, I decided I very much needed some chic, stemless wine glasses, and once I saw these from KS I was hooked. They even have a set for white wine, AND they are on sale at Macy's for 25% off with the code FRIEND. The only drawback is they are handwash only, but still--you will look so cosmopolitan with it, no matter what you are drinking (because no joke, I still use mine to enjoy a sprite or ginger ale over ice these days). 

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To end this post, I've got your 3rd song for your #JAMPackedholiday (see my first post here, and the OG idea from Kati Rose here). Today's song is "Winter Song," a duet from two of my favorites, Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. It is haunting, it is beautiful, and it provides just the right touch of reflection that is sometimes needed at this time of year. 

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