Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#ThoroughlyModernTraditions: Anniversary Dinner

Happy Hump Day, friends! We are just one week away from the eve of Christmas Eve! After 5pm on this day next week, I'll be looking forward to a five day weekend.

Now it's time to continue on with #ThoroughlyModernTraditions! To read up on the idea and learn about the awesome giveaway, check out the original post here.

Matt and I got married on a beautiful, weirdly warm day in December. Naturally, our anniversary celebrations have become integrated as holiday traditions.

One tradition we have stuck to each year has been to try out a new (to us) restaurant for our dinner. Like a lot of traditions, it wasn't something we really planned--it just happened that we tried a new place the first year, and we decided to keep it going each year afterwards.

This year, Matt took it a step further and arranged for us to have a new dining experience at a restaurant we had previously visited. He reserved the Chef's Table for us at Lightfoot--it was a special dinner tailored to the two of us, and set-up in a cozy nook in the kitchen.

Lightfoot Leesburg, VA

To say that we were well fed that night would be an understatement. It was a five course meal, and like I mentioned above, Matt had spent about half an hour on the phone with the Chef to go over our favorite dishes and our not-so-favorite dishes. In the end, this is what we were served:

- French Onion Soup
- Chicken dumplings with a cilantro sauce
- Braised pork over cheese grits (LIFE CHANGING)
- Filet mignon with mashies and fried onion crisps
- Chocolate hazelnut mousse in a chocolate shell, topped with nuts and drizzled with caramel

Lightfoot Dinner

Matt paired his meal with red wine (totes jeal over here), and I started out with ginger ale until a kindly bartender mixed me up a complimentary mocktail.


It was definitely a memorable evening. It was fun to see what was going on in the kitchen, but since it was a weeknight it was very relaxed. We spent the dinner reminiscing about the past year, and made plan after plan for the upcoming year with our little one. This holiday season feels very poignant, because we know that next year everything will be different--it was just what we needed to slow it down and reflect on the life we were building together.

3rd anniversary

Since I already included our first dance song on the #JAMPackedHoliday playlist, I'll leave you today with the last song we played at our wedding reception--I've Had the Time of My Life. Yes, we did our very best reenactment of the scene from Dirty Dancing. Nobody puts baby in the corner!

What are some of your anniversary traditions?

All Love,

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