Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekending: A Tale of Two Sleep Shirts

Hello, friends! If we can make it through today, we've only got one more Monday until Christmas! Don't panic if you're not done with your shopping--I've got more gift guides coming your way this week.

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It was quite the weekend in the Thomas household. Aida's crib arrived, and we finally got everything moved out of the office so we can get started on her nursery! Exciting times. I'm sure I'll be sharing nursery inspiration in a few weeks.

baby crib
This nursery is obvi ready to roll!
After a day of hard work, we met up with some friends at the mall for Christmas shopping. Well, the men had Christmas shopping to do--I am basically done, so I did some shopping for myself. Liz and I headed to Victoria's Secret--I had coupons for $20 off my purchase, and all underwear was on sale for 50% off! (Life lesson for everyone: you can never have too many pairs of underwear.) While we were there, I decided to get some pajamas as well. My favorite VS pajamas are their sleep shirts--basically a t-shirt long enough to be a nightgown, and I love them because I don't get overheated during the night (real struggle right now at 32 weeks). Later, when we met up with both of the guys, I proudly showed off my pink with sparkly stripes sleep shirt to Matt. Instead of being excited, his face fell and he said, "are you kidding me?!?" He slowly reached into his shopping bags and pulled out the exact same sleep shirt, in the exact same size (we both went one size up, because again, 32 weeks preggo over here). He said, "I didn't want to get you other pajamas because I know they make you too hot." It may seem like a silly story, but for us, it's just one of the many reasons why we know we're meant to be together.

obx beach picture
My favorite person.
In the spirit of that little lovey-dovey story, I'm including two songs on the #JAMPackedHoliday playlist that are kind of "our" songs (note: there are actually quite a few of "our" songs). The first is "Bonfire," by Third Eye Blind. This was a song I included on the very first mix CD I made for Matt, and we're reminded of that time whenever we hear this song. The second is "Fool's Gold," by Fitz and the Tantrums. "Fool's Gold" is just one of our favorite songs--we automatically sing it together when it comes on the radio. It's just one of those little things that make me realize how lucky I am for this man and our marriage!

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Now that this is really starting to turn into a sappy post, I'll end it here. How was your weekend, friends?

All Love,

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