Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Goals

Most people have probably already written and posted their yearly goals and resolutions, but I am not most people. I always debate on whether or not to do these posts--most of the time, I feel like I'm just setting myself up for failure by making a list of things to do that I will likely forget about within a week. I know some people are very successful with writing down their goals and achieving them, but I'm not sure I'm that person. Matt and I do have some big dreams for 2016, but other than "figure out how to be a parent," I'm not ready to share those on this space just yet.

In the end, I caved to the typical "2016 Goals" post--sometimes you run out of ideas on a Sunday afternoon and you just decide to follow the crowd.

1. Delete pointless photos from my iPhone
The good thing about getting an iPhone with more storage was that I could take pictures without having to constantly upload to my computer. The bad thing is I could take more pictures, like screenshots of stupid things, that don't need to be saved for all eternity.

2. Eat more parmesan truffle french fries
Last year I resolved to eat more pizza, and I feel like I can confidently say I fulfilled that goal. This year I really want more Parmesan truffle french fries in my life--once you have them, you can't go back to regular fries.

parmesan truffle fries

3. Get my hair cut real short
It's too long and makes me hot--I feel like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. Don't worry, I promise not to go extreme and shave my entire head.

short hair don't care
Short hair circa 2013
4. Earn at least five more badges on the cartwheel app
I don't know why it took me so long to get on the cartwheel bandwagon, but it has basically changed my life. I'm now obsessed with stacking those coupons and unlocking more offer spots! Saving money is always a good goal, right?

5. Go out for brunch once a month
I know this will be difficult to achieve with a newborn arriving in February, but Aida needs to learn early on the importance of that magical meal that isn't quite breakfast, and isn't quite lunch.

Brunch at Luke's New Orleans
This is a Croque Madame, and if you've never had this meal for brunch before, you should because it will change your life.
In all seriousness, I have chosen a word to focus on for 2016--"capable." Choosing a word seems to be a trendy thing to do, but I was inspired by my fav blogger, Chelsea. In a few of her posts, she talks about pushing herself out of her comfort zone and "being capable." There are many things I want to accomplish this year, but I know I often let my anxiety get the best of me, convincing myself I'm not good enough or smart enough or, honestly, capable enough, to do whatever it is I want to achieve. By choosing this word, I'm hoping I can push through that and make some of my long-time dreams an actual reality this year.

Do you have a word or goals you've set for 2016? Share with us in the comments!

All Love,

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