Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Man's Guide to Fashion

Snow storms in the Washington DC are the worst! They absolutely paralyze the region as nearly everything shuts down for days. I remember one time in high school where a projected forecast of snow shut down school systems for 2 days. We ended up with a dusting (yet panic ensued). This year it just so happens that Snowpocolypse hit us two weeks before the official February 5th due date of our first child! Oh and did I mention this is the biggest snow storm Katie and I have seen in our lifetime? Who would have thought less then a month after wearing shorts and 65 degree weather on Christmas we'd be buried underneath 24 inches of snow... and counting?

Times like these make me dream of waking up in South Beach and walking Millie down the A1A in sunny mid 80 degree temperatures. While we are a long ways from digging ourselves out of snow and going on a vacay to some place tropical, what a blizzard does give you is the chance to work out the "Imagination Networks" of your brain.

I'm going to start off by saying that my wife is pretty great! Those of you who follow her know she's up to date on music, fashion and is overall pretty darn funny! Don't believe me? Just ask to hear her Miley Cyrus impersonation! I've been reading her blogs since she started posting about 4 years ago and have come to a few conclusions. The blogging networks are pretty awesome. Nearly every day she shows me a picture of another bloggers puppy or asks what I think about a recipe she found online. It's pretty cool to see how blogging has helped create friendships and most importantly put a smile on my wife's face! I've also noticed that fashion is a very centric part to blogging. However, with all the posts circulating the inter webs, one important aspect of fashion in the Thomas household has gone overlooked; That of Matty T. So, without further ado, here is the guide to both comfort and class from a guy's perspective.

"Under Armour is going to be the next Nike!" This was a direct quote I made to my father 10 years ago when I tried to convince him to buy stock in the company. Flash forward to today and they have Tom Brady, Jordan Spieth and Steph Curry as their three most prominent spokesman. Wish I had a teleportation machine to go back in time and invest in UA and a little company called Apple. That being said, there is nothing better then a good pair of sweat pants to lounge around the house in. They even accentuate my "assets."

While feeling comfortable is a necessity in the online sales biz you also need to stay "so fresh and so clean clean" in those instances of entertaining clients. That's why I recommend Noir for Men body wash. "The minty fresh smell coupled with smooth undertones of black cardamon and hint of musk makes for an exceptional bathing experience" - Harris (Okay - a little Aziz Anzari humor if you've ever seen his stand up act). Seriously though, this stuff is pretty boss and when you pair it with Acqua Essenziale cologne by Salvatore Ferragamo and your Boo won't be able to resist.

Now we get to the good stuff! I call these next two my "Harry from Home Alone moments." Much like Harry wanted The McCallister residence of 671 Lincoln Ave at first sight, I had a similar thought process involving my leather jacket and timepiece. Ah, I remember it like yesterday. The year was 2014 and Katie and I were perusing the merchandise at the local Nordstrom. And there she was... sleek, stylish and even equipped with a hood. It was everything I'd ever wanted in a leather jacket! Much to my chagrin, we sadly parted ways that December day, but reunited weeks later after waiting patiently for the post-holiday sale, for 50% off the original retail price may I add!

Now when you have a boss jacket you need a boss timepiece. Funny thing is I was never really a "watch" guy until I was in my late 20's. I remember my dad getting me a knockoff Rolex on a trip to NYC when I was 14. It worked for about a week and its whereabouts to this day are still unknown. Seriously though, this was as close as I'd come to owning a luxury timepiece until recently. I'd like to thank the good fellas at Lenkersdorfer in Tyson's Corner and especially my loving wife (she's the one who ultimately allowed for it) in helping me land this Breitling Super Ocean 42 piece. I ended up getting a great deal and love how you can wear it with just about anything.

So there you have it! When possible, keep it comfortable and classy at the same time. Make sure to wait for good sales to come along (they always do) and make sure you always ask your wife's permission before making a big purchase. Don't believe me? I'll leave you with these words of wisdom--f your wife's reaction to a "guy purchase" is ever "it's fine," this is actually girl code for "you better take that back immediately!" Stay safe and see you next time to discuss "The Push Gift." 

-Matty T

You can shop Matt's post below--his original leather jacket is no longer available but I found a few very similar options. I also included a similar watch style at a lower price point, just in case you aren't ready to make the swiss timepiece investment. 

This post does include affiliate links, so if you click on one and make a purchase, I make a commission. Thanks for supporting Thoroughly Modern!

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