Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fashionably Late: Winter Coats

It's officially cold here in Virginia--the kind of cold that cuts through to your bones, the kind of cold where you cannot leave even an inch of skin exposed on a 30 second walk to your car. I am not pleased.

I'm looking forward to Aida's arrival and getting to hibernate the remainder of the winter. Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming of some of the coats below--I really want a new one, but since I'm still very pregnant, it doesn't make sense to buy something new right now, even with some silly deals that are going on.

Winter Coats

1. I love the classic look of this coat from J. Crew Factory! The color is gorgeous, and it's an extra 50% off! 

2. This Guess coat from Nordstrom looks so warm and cozy--I'm a sucker for outerwear with a faux fur collar!

3. I've had my eye on this gorgeous, emerald Trina Turk coat since I saw it during Nordstrom's annual sale this summer. It's still too pricey for me, but I will forever keep dreaming about it coming home to my closet. 

4. I've been looking for a pea coat in green, so this Steve Madden option is more affordable than the Trina Turk, and it's got a flare to it which is always fun. 

5. Look out! A redcoat! Sorry, it had to be said. I think 200+ years is enough for that negative connotation to fade away, so go ahead and treat yo self to this red beauty from Anthro. 

6. I was so very tempted to order this one from Gap yesterday--comes in three different colors and it's so very Olivia Pope. Wouldn't you just love to stomp around the office in this and find some reason to announce, "it's handled?"

So, dear readers, how many coats are in your closet? I think investing a little bit more money in a coat can go a long way, because they can last for years!

p.s. If you've got extra outerwear in your closet, clean up some of that clutter by donating to a local non-profit--it's also that time of year when they are looking for coats too!

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