Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five: Happy Birthday, Mom!

I was desperately wracking my brain for a good Friday post, and the only thoughts I could think of sharing were:
1. I'm tired
2. I'm tired
3. I'm probably going to cry
4. I'm tired
5. Is it time to have this baby yet?

Fortunately, I'm a nice person and I didn't want to make everyone else feel like they just visited the blog of Debbie Downer. Instead, I'm going to dedicate this post to my beautiful mother, who turns 60 today!

What a looker!
So here are five reasons why my mother is amazing:

1. She supported everything we did
My mom was there for every dance recital, school play, sports game, marching band competition, awards assembly--basically just about anything we participated in, she made sure she was there for it, even if it meant taking time out of work.

2. She was tough on friendships
This was another lesson that didn't sink in for me until I was older, but my mom always let me know when she thought a friendship was toxic for me. At times, this made me mad, but now that I'm older and more careful about who I surround myself with, I realize I should have started listening to her much sooner.

3. She lived in a hospital room with me for two (non consecutive) weeks
If you know me, you know that I have struggled with Crohn's Disease since I was in middle school. It was tough to diagnose, and it was an even longer battle trying to manage it throughout high school and college. My mom (and my dad) were there for me every step of the way, using their personal time at work to drive me around to appointments and tests, spending hours with me in the ER when the pain was just too much, and even driving back and forth from Blacksburg to take me to appointments when I was in college. Finally, in 2007, I ended up being taken to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital late one night (where I had already been scheduled to have surgery in a month) to be treated for an abscess. My parents followed close behind, and slept on a little fold out couch in my room for the entire week. We repeated the same scenario for ten days when we came back for my surgery. They never once complained about being confined to a tiny hotel room, with nothing to watch but Hannah Montana or Grey's Anatomy.

4. She fostered a love for reading
Some of my earliest memories are of us driving in our giant station wagon to do something fun at the local library. This turned me into a big reader, which I think seriously helped me out on the academics front (um, you don't just become the 2001 Washington County Spelling Bee Champion without picking up a book!).

5. She's always there for me
Even though I'm a grown-up and should clearly be able to handle life now on my own, she will still let me call her when I'm in tears over one thing or another and let me cry it out. During a particularly rough patch I went through last year, she spent an hour with me on the phone, reading me inspirational quotes she found on Pinterest. In the end, it wasn't the quotes that lifted my mood--it was my mom doing whatever she could to make her little girl feel better.

Apparently all I can share today are wedding photos, because I'm too lazy to have to get an actual picture out of an actual album and scan it on here. 
Five reasons barely even scratches the surface, but hopefully they painted a picture of the superstar woman who is my mother. I can feel just a little more confident going into this parenting thing, knowing that I had such a great influence growing up. I wish I could be there with her right now to celebrate, but I know we'll have plenty to celebrate soon enough when she comes to meet her newest granddaughter.

p.s. I'm updating my social media handles today, because I thought "maybe I'll give this whole branding thing some consideration." I'm also downloading snapchat because I like to be SUPER LATE to all the trends. Find me @modernkate!
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All Love,

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