Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gettin' Weird With Millicent: Sweet Potato Chews

My friends, my friends, my very bestest friends! Did you have a nice Christmas? I sure did. We played gang's all here a whole lot, which is my very favorite game in the whole wide world!

There's been a lot of activity at my house, guys. My parents moved everything out of my dad's office, and all of a sudden, all kinds of new stuff appeared! I love it, there's much more floor space which means more room for activities!

Mom and dad keep telling me I'm going to be a big sister, and I better act like one and make good choices. I don't know what that means, but if my little sister is anything like my parents, I know I'll be happy!

I thought Christmas was over, but just the other day my friends from Chewy sent me a delicious smelling package.

Goldendoodle Chewy Review

My mom said these were "sweet potato chews," and boy, oh boy, were they good! They are also supposed to be "healthy," whatever that means! Mom says it's important I eat healthy things because of the "delicate nature" of my tum tum--whatever mom, just don't embarrass me!

Goldendoodle Chewy Review

It took me no time at all to finish my chew! Mom told me to tell you all that it's tough but not super tough, but it's a nice little treat for us pups!

Goldendoodle Chewy Review

I wish I could have some more chews, but mom says I can't have more than one a day. I don't understand, they tell me I'm the best dog all the time, but I don't get rewarded all the time! Parents, amiright?!

Goldendoodle Chewy Review

Now, please excuse me best friends, I don't think I've licked the couch enough today and I need to go take care of that.

Goldendoodle Chewy Review

Furever yours,


Editor's Note: We received the sweet potato chews from Chewy, free of charge, in exchange for an honest blog review. No compensation was received for this post, and all opinions are my own (and Millie's). 

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