Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Friday!

Wow! You did it! Congratulations--you made it to Friday! Did anyone think of this scene in Elf when I said that?

Matt and I have been quoting that a lot--most especially when it comes to Millie doing something very mundane, like eating her breakfast or going potty.

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, we've got a Snowpocolypse going on over here! I just chose to use a vacation day and hunker down at home--not sure when it will start, but I'd rather not risk being out there when everyone else tries to go home. In case you haven't heard, our region can't even handle an inch of snow.

Snowy Goldendoodle
Millie, however, will take however many inches of snow she can get!
Here are a few Friday thoughts for your enjoyment:

// Matt and I just finished watching Making a Murderer, and I feel all sorts of things. Has anyone else watched it and felt so conflicted about the justice system?

// I'm so thrilled that new episodes are back of all my favorite shows! Younger, The Blacklist, PLL, New Girl--New Girl has been on point in these first few episodes, so if you've never watched, go binge watch that on Netflix and report back.

// Kate Spade has some new arrivals in the baby clothing department, and, I don't typically say such a phrase, but I literally CAN'T EVEN! I mean, just look at this little bathing suit and you will feel the same.

// Nice, hot, lavender chamomile bubble baths are basically helping me survive this winter and this last month of pregnancy.

And now, for tell me something good! Chelsea recently started this link up, and I love that she's pushing all of us to think of good things that are happening. I've been super cranky lately, so I need this little reminder that life is good.
Tell Me Something Good Friday!
Recently, I was hemming and hawing over buying some curtain rods for Aida's room. I have maybe bought nice curtain rods once in my life, because every time I look into buying them, I think "ugh, these are so expensive" and then I never follow through because I just get weirdly cheap about the whole thing. Anyway, I caved and bought these beauties from Pottery Barn, because I started thinking about it and realized that we really haven't had to buy a whole lot of things for Aida ourselves, and that just feels incredibly amazing and humbling at the same time. We are just surrounded by family and friends who already love this girl so much, and are willing to support us however they can. From our family members contributing items to the nursery, to bloggers I barely know answering my random questions--it just makes me feel so appreciative that we aren't in this alone.

Hokie Baby

I remember reading an article one time from a writer who was frustrated that women got so much attention when they were either 1. getting married, or 2. having a baby. She felt that women needed to be celebrated more for other life accomplishments, like graduating college or getting a great job. While I agree that these things should be encouraged and celebrated, don't discount how much it means to the pregnant lady to have everyone around her show so much love. Having a baby is a giant, overwhelming event, and I have no idea how we would manage without all this support.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some orange cinnamon rolls to get crackin on! Follow me on Snapchat @modernkate for snowpocolypse fun!

What's going on in your life this weekend?

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