Thursday, January 28, 2016

Surviving a Snowpocalypse

Well friends, after one week, I am heading back into the office today. Honestly, I'm a little bit relieved. I was starting to go a little stir crazy, and combined with pregnancy hormones, that is not a good thing. Yesterday, I got the maddest I've ever been and yelled at Millie, then spent about an hour afterwards crying about being a terribly puppy mother, and possibly a terrible real mother. Speaking of being a real mother, my due date is a week from Friday and baby girl is showing no signs that she wants to come out yet. Work will be a welcome distraction.

Anyway, after surviving such a snowstorm, I thought I would share with you a few things I've picked up here and there on how to make it through such a monumental event.

Disclaimer: This is obviously not a real emergency guide, so if you want real advice consult your state's Department of Emergency Management website. 

snowy landscape
1. Stock up on food
Yes, you need non-perishables and bottled water, but also get your favorite snacks and whatever you need to make your favorite recipes. You don't want to end up eating Kraft Mac n Cheese five days in a row, as delicious as it is. 

2. Find something new to watch/read 
Self explanatory 

3. Pace yourself on the household chores
Being snowed in is a great time to get those house projects finished--except I did just about everything that could be done on Friday morning, before the snow even started! I still had a few things I could do, but I burned myself out and got reeeaall lazy the rest of the weekend. 

4. Make plans with the neighbors
Even an introverted person such as myself craved some social interaction! If you're lucky enough to have some great neighbors, then make sure you set up a time to have brunch/dinner/happy hour in someone's house. It will be a welcome change from spending your days on the couch watching Netflix! 

5. Surprise your puppy with new toys
This one requires advance planning, and I wish I had thought of it last week, instead of during the middle of the blizzard. When you get over 2 feet of snow, it is much harder to take your dog on a walk, especially right in the middle of the snowfall. If you have a few toys on hand, you can help keep those crazies down just a little bit. (I'm guessing this tip will also apply to children.)

goldendoodle rope toy
This old rope toy, again?
6. Find your happy place
Everyone has a breaking point, and everyone hits that point during a snowstorm. When you find yourself ready to meltdown because you can't get a perfect picture of a watch for your husband's fashion post, take a moment for yourself. Maybe make some tea and draw up a nice, hot bath. Nobody wants a remake of The Shining! 

So, dear friends, this is what I have learned from dealing with all this snow. Like I said, I'm ready to go back to work tomorrow and get back to a routine. (But Aida, I'm ready for you to interrupt that routine any minute now. You hear that? Any minute.)

All Love,

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