Friday, January 29, 2016

Tell Me Something Good Friday

Hello--I am 39 weeks pregnant and very ready to meet this baby. Aida, on the other hand, is not so ready to meet us. Girlfriend does not understand that there's no late checkout in this hotel! I know, I know, she'll come when she's ready and all that, but OH MAN this last little bit of pregnancy is not fun at all.

To take my mind off that, I'm going to tell you five, very good things about this past week.
Tell Me Something Good Friday!

1. One of our neighbors helped Matt install the carseat, just as the snow began to fall on Friday. We wanted to be ready--just in case!

2. On Tuesday, Matt went back to work and took my car with its handy AWD. I was starting to go a bit stir crazy, so luckily my other neighbor graciously agreed to take a trip to Target with me. We're both pregnant so we hit up the diaper sale followed by some warm, comfort food from Panera. We really are lucky to have such great neighbors!

3. For about a month, Matt and I have been trying to figure out who sent us a little stuffed bulldog for Aida. Yesterday I discovered it was from my brother and his wife. Apparently, our three year old niece Nora picked it out because she wanted to get Aida a puppy! That brightened up the cranky, irritable mood I had been in all day.

4. Mother Nature has kindly decided that she will not subject us to the miserable, highs-in-the-20s temperatures of 2015. Temps have been getting warmer all week, and we're expected to get into the 50s next week! Downright tropical, I tell you! Although I've mentioned before that this kind of up and down weather wreaks havoc on my sinuses, I'm quite pleased I don't need to wear double layers outside, and we will get to see the ground a lot sooner than we had thought.

Pregnancy 39 Weeks
But when will I see my feet again? That is up for debate. 
5. Tomorrow I get to treat myself to a spa day, thanks to a gift certificate from my sweet husband! I'm really looking forward to relaxing, and then I'm going to walk laps around the mall in the hopes that it will get this baby moving.

Tell me something good about your week!

All Love,

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