Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekending: NYE Edition

Happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone celebrated exactly the way they wanted, and everyone is rested enough to tackle this Monday!

Yeah, sure. This has got to be the worst Monday of the year, right? The holidays are over, everyone is feeling gross from all that holiday eating, and the dreariness of winter sets in.

Luckily, you've got one thing to help make this Monday better--the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! It's basically one of my favorite times of the year. I love the bright and fun prints from Lilly, but I hate paying full price. This sale and the one in August is usually when I buy Lilly. Here are a few items I'm hoping to see on the sale (and maybe I really want a mother/daughter matching outfit as well...don't judge).

Anyway, we had a most relaxing four day weekend. On Thursday, we had lunch with my SIL's family and our sweet niece, Charlotte. We had some Aida-related errands to take care of that afternoon (yay, TDAP vaccines!), then we got ready for our early bird dinner. Since we waited until the last minute to make reservations, we could only get in at 5pm--totally fine with me, since I'm always hungry these days and that would mean we'd be home at an acceptable hour. We had the most delicious dinner at The Palm, one of our favorite treat-yo-self kind of restaurants. We figured this would be the last time we went out for a fancy dinner, so we decided to go big or go home! I went a little wild and had the smallest splash of champagne in my mocktail (relax everyone, the doctor gave me permission!).

I felt very trendy in my black dress and faux fur vest. Outfit details here:

Afterwards, Matt casually suggested we walk around the mall next door, to help with the giant dinner we ate. I should have known he had something up his sleeve--he wanted to go by the watch store and peruse the merchandise. We left the mall with a very happy Matty T. because he finally got the watch he wanted at the price he was willing to pay.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, eating, and hanging out with friends and family. We also made quite a bit of progress on the nursery since the rest of the furniture was delivered--I can't wait to share some pictures once we're ready! We also made a trip to the dog park with Millie. We had to throw her in the bath afterwards because she couldn't resist running in the muddy parts, but it was worth the smile on that dood's face as she ran around and played with the other buddies.

I can't believe we've only got five weeks to go! 2016 is going to be quite the eventful year.

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