Thursday, February 11, 2016

8 Newborn Hacks

Today I am so happy to welcome Ashley from The Grits Blog! She had a beautiful baby girl this past fall, and is sharing some awesome tips when it comes to dealing with newborns! I know I will be referencing this post quite a bit.

Let's be real here. Having a newborn is WORK - it's fun work - but it is work. My motto has always been work smarter, not harder. This is how I work smarter with my newborn!

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

Sleep routines are EVERYTHING. Babies like routine, they like to know what to expect - so when you provide cues about when it's sleep time, they follow them (typically)!

This works for me just about every time! The only time it doesn't work is when Grace fusses to fuss - and when she does that I let her cry it out for about five minutes, then complete my steps below, and typically she will go to sleep.

1. Change first and feed if baby is hungry.
2. Swaddle tightly and give baby a paci. (I use the swaddles and pacis shown here)
3. Put baby in a swing. (I like the swings shown here)
4. Once the baby is calm and content, when their eyelids get heavy put baby in bassinet or crib.

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

To avoid having to wash your changing pad EVERY time you change your baby - use a disposable training pad! These are great for when you have to change your baby on the go as well. You can get these here or in the pet store.

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

This changed my life! Keep at least two mini bottles of water in your diaper bag for bottles! That way you aren't having to worry about finding a water source on top of trying to calm your hungry baby.

The formula dispenser rocks because it keeps you from having to carry a big tub of formula around and allows you to have portions already ready to go!

I use the dispenser shown here.

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

Learn the cues! I know Gracie's early hunger signal is when she starts putting her hands in her mouth. Then it's getting serious when she won't take a paci, then for real shit is about to hit the fan when she starts making these short whining noises.

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

(we use receiving blankets to swaddle- these shown here)

This is the best tutorial.

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

This is great info to know for when the baby has a blow out or has spit up all over. 

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

These are basically a life saver. Trust me - you want one in the living room and your bedroom!

Basically what this is a small basket that contains the basics that you ALWAYS need. Here is what I keep in mine:

Burp Cloth
Two Diapers
2 Pacis

8 Newborn Hacks :: Work Smarter Not Harder #babyhacks #newbornhacks

Give yourself a break. When someone offers help, take it! You can't take care of anyone or make anyone else happy if you don't take care of yourself first!!

What newborn hacks helped you the most? Any tips that I should know? Let me know in the comment section below!

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