Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Galentine's Gift Guide

It's that time of year--disgustingly cheesy Kay commercials are in full swing, the seasonal candy aisle is glaringly pink and red, and bloggers everywhere are posting gift guides. Yep--it's Valentine's season!

As usual in our country, a one day holiday gets a season of hype leading up to it. If you happen to be spending February 14th with a significant other, I have a very simple gift guide for you: treat yourself to a nice dinner. Seriously--take yourself to a legit fancy restaurant, the kind where there is a dedicated server just for filling your water glass, and the server comes around with that little knife tool to scrape up your bread crumbs.

I'll share some of my favorite, fancy go-tos in the area soon, but today I wanted to highlight what's important: Galentine's Day. What is Galentine's Day, you ask? It's wonderful and should be a national holiday. I'll let my girl Leslie Knope explain:

Now that you're in the know, you're probably thinking, "but what will I gift my best gal pal for Galentine's Day?!" Fear not, dear readers, because I've got you covered with the very best, all under $50!

Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Everybody has that friend who is obsessed with paper goods (that would be me), but these are all fun selections that anyone can use. My favorite is this recipe tin from Rifle Paper Co.--although Pinterest makes it so easy, I much prefer to grab and follow a recipe card instead of constantly referring back to my laptop, or having to bring the recipe up over and over on my phone.

You just can't go wrong with an adorable coffee or travel mug! I also love these gorgeous, monogrammed old fashioned glasses from Anthro--because who doesn't want to drink their bourbon in style?

A candle really is a gift that keeps on giving! My all time favorite is the Capri Blue Volcano candle, but I also love these Lilly Pulitzer votives--I have no idea if they smell good, but they sure would add a nice decorative touch!

And now we'll round out this gift guide with some beauty picks, so your bff can treat herself! Pregnancy and winter weather has had me averaging 2-3 bubble baths a week. Although I normally use whatever I find at Target or maybe Bath and Body Works, Lollia makes my all time favorite bubble bath. The scent is amazing and it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and silky!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you that Burt's Bees makes lipstick, and it is everything.

How will you be celebrating Galentine's Day? I'm hoping to celebrate with Aida, obviously--if she hasn't arrived by that point I'm going to be a real Debbie Downer.

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