Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Friday and Happy Due Date Day!

Happy Due Date Day to Me!

Aida has other plans. She'll be the first to admit things are a bit cramped in there, but it's actually quite cozy and she has no interest in our gross, winter weather, thank you very much. So, on that note, let's get into five things for Friday and a bonus for Tell Me Something Good at the end!

1. There is an end in sight: if she doesn't come on her own anytime soon, we have an induction scheduled for the 10th. That means we could end up with an Ash Wednesday baby! Funny--two years ago, we celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and ended up spending Ash Wednesday there as well because our flight got canceled. Now, we may be spending Ash Wednesday in the hospital with our baby girl!

Mardi Gras
We were so young!
2. I'm obviously really excited about wearing non-maternity clothes again. So excited, in fact, that I ordered a pair of jeans from Kate Spade last week. I already had the Broome Street Skinny Jeans in a regular wash, and they have seriously been one of the best pairs of jeans I've ever owned--I basically wear them multiple times a week and they have held up so well. I wanted a pair in black for over two years, and they finally went on sale! Let's just hope they'll fit in a few months... 3. I love this article from Hello Giggles about rom com BFFs who deserve their own movie. I think we can all agree it's high time Judy Greer gets a leading role.

4. My parents are arriving on Saturday, so that's a bit of a relief that they'll be here before the big event--it will be a huge help with Millie as well. (Yes, Aida, I did say that it will be before your arrival, and I double dog dare you to prove me otherwise!)

5. When I wrote the Power Couple's Birth Plan, I really wasn't kidding about the music playlist. Music is super important to me, and there are songs I associate with every important event in my life. I've been working steadily on putting together this playlist this past month. My BFF just sent me a care package with chocolate and a new mix CD, so I can't wait to add those songs too! (It includes the classic 90s Salt n Peppa hit, "Push It," which is obviously a must for any labor and delivery mix.)

Now, on to Tell Me Something Good! I love this link-up from Chelsea, because it forces me to think of all the positive at a time when I have been very cranky and irritable.
Tell Me Something Good Friday!

Speaking of being cranky, I was in quite a mood on Tuesday night. I hadn't slept well the night before and was, as usual, tired of being pregnant. Matt tried his darndest to put a smile on my face and I wasn't budging. Finally, he let me pick out a movie (I chose Talledega Nights, because I needed laughter), and off he went to get me a milkshake from Chik Fil A! The good news doesn't stop there, because apparently whoever was in front of him in the drive-thru paid for his milkshake! That obviously helped improve my mood, and it's just a reminder of how simple it is to just pay for the person behind you, and you have no idea the kind of impact it can make.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to have a baby.

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Things are about to get crazy around here. I have some great guest posts scheduled, and hope to scheduled a few of my own, but know that it may be a while before I respond to comments and messages. Thanks for your patience while we adjust to our new little family!

All Love,

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