Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekending: #AidaWatch2016

Well, here I am! Still no signs of baby girl appearing--like, not even close. Tomorrow kicks off the first of many guest posts I have lined up, and I'll be heading to the doctor, hoping for good news. I do have a lot of posts scheduled throughout this month, so do stick around! I just may not respond to comments, because ready or not this baby is coming into this world on Wednesday!

On Saturday, Matt and I ran some errands and indulged in donuts. I managed to snapchat the half-eaten donuts, but here's a prettier picture from a few months ago:

duck donuts

We also got my car nice and clean, because Aida can't just ride home from the hospital in some grimy lookin thing! I took a much needed nap Saturday afternoon, and that evening my parents arrived. I'm so happy they're here (although my dad had to drive back yesterday, and will return in another week), and I'm excited because my mom has made some gorgeous curtains for Aida's nursery! I was also gifted with a gorgeous necklace in Aida's birthstone from Matt--the push gift is real, ladies!

push gift

Sunday rolled around and still no sign of baby! I think she wanted me to have one last brunch at my favorite spot, Ford's Fish Shack. She's so thoughtful like that!

eggs BLT ford's fish shack

We also ended up exploring the cutest little town on the waterfront, Occoquan! We found some adorable bows for Aida in one of the shops, and stumbled into a coffee shop with the most delicious, homemade baclava. Then, later that day, we stuffed our faces with pizza during the Superbowl. I would say that I'm indulging since I won't need to "eat for two" much longer, but you know there's the whole nursing thing and I've got to keep my strength up for that, so I don't anticipate my appetite slowing down anytime soon. (Speaking of nursing, I randomly burst into tears in front of my mom and Matt because I didn't take a breastfeeding class and I started to panic. My hormones are all can't stop, won't stop.)

I'm enjoying having some extra time with Matt, but the waiting is starting to get unbearable. Anytime now, Aida, anytime.

linking up with Biana and Meghan for Weekending...unless I go into labor before I can join :)

All Love,

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