Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekending: Valentine's and a Giveaway

Hello, and happy post-Valentine's Day! I hope you all got to celebrate with people you love, and maybe picked up some great Galentine's gifts too!

Valentine's Dunkin Donuts
And let's not forget those classic V-Day donuts from Dunkin!
Truthfully, this may not be an "actual" weekend recap. It's quite likely that our dear Aida Marie is only five days old, and ain't nobody got time for blogging! I'm hoping that we spent our weekend getting to know this sweet girl, and fingers crossed Matt was able to make it out to pick me up some sushi and nice champagne, which I have been requesting for the past nine months.

What I really wanted to do was check in today and offer you all the chance to participate in a great giveaway! Ashley blogs at the Grits Blog and put this together, in honor of opening up her Etsy shop! I've loved reading her blog the past few years, and the past few months I've been harassing emailing her with all kinds of questions, since she recently had a baby as well! (She also just wrote an awesome guest post for me that has been making my life easier.)

I'm excited to check out her Etsy shop, and guys, let's be real--who couldn't use a gift card to Home Goods (also good for TJ Maxx or Marshalls, if that's all you've got too)? Even my husband loves going there to peruse the food section.

Good luck, and follow me on Twitter, Snapchat (@modernkate), and Instagram to follow along on our latest adventure!

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