Monday, March 14, 2016

One Month

It's hard to believe, but this little girl turned one month old last week!

I've said this probably a million times, but it truly has been one of the most challenging months of our life. Things are definitely going smoother than when we first brought her home, but there are still plenty of tough days that make me feel like I will never get this parenting thing figured out.

I'm learning that parenthood is nothing but questions that don't get answered. Am I letting her cry too long? Am I spoiling her by picking her up when she cries? She poops A LOT, is that normal? Should I really be letting her nurse for this long? Am I feeding her too much? Is it my fault that she's gassy? Did we get her clean enough during her bath? Is she getting enough activity?

Despite all of my doubts, I wouldn't trade this for anything. Sometimes, she'll curl right into your chest and fall asleep, and I could just let her sleep there for an hour and not do anything, because it's one of the best feelings in the world.

Matt and I have a notebook we use to write down letters to Aida, and we plan to give them to her when she turns eighteen. Here's a snippet of what I wrote for her one month birthday:

"We feel such delight and happiness to see you open those beautiful blue eyes and explore the world around you. We knew before you were born you would come into this world ready to make it your own." 

We would not trade this month for anything, and we're excited to spend all the months ahead with our sweet girl. 

All Love,

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