Monday, March 7, 2016


Another lazy weekend in the books with our sweet Aida Marie!

newborn boppy lounger

On Saturday, Matt went out and picked up breakfast (again). He went to a local diner, Joe's Cafe, and got me pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I'd share a picture except I basically cleaned my plate before I could even think about taking out my phone.

Later that day, I got to have another afternoon to myself. I went to Target, which of course meant grabbing a pick-me-up from Starbucks, and took my time going around the store.

Lilly Pulitzer Vest
And got to style non maternity clothes!
I picked up a pretty floral dress to wear to an upcoming baby shower and a new chambray shirt because, to put this delicately, since I've been nursing my chest has gotten a little too big for some of my button up shirts. Yikes.

I also felt all the heart eyed emojis over their new home decor collection for kids, Pillowfort. Aida may not be able to sit up on her own yet, but she totally needs a teepee in her nursery, don't you think?

On Sunday we lounged around in our sweats and pajamas. Little miss got a bath, which she is slowly starting to tolerate ("tolerate" is a very generous word here--let's just say that this go around she didn't cling to my arm and try to drag herself out of the bathtub). I did some meal planning for the week, and I really hope we're able to stick to that. I kind of gave myself a past for the first few weeks after Aida was born and literally ate all the cookies, brownies, and chocolates I could get my hands on. That, plus eating a lot of takeout, has made me feel less than stellar about myself, so I'm hoping to get back to a healthier routine soon.

I'm a little nervous about Monday--I have an appointment with my GI doctor and Aida is coming with me. Sometimes she can get a little fussy in the afternoons, so I'm hoping everything goes smoothly.

How was your weekend?

Joining Biana and Meghan for Weekending

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