Thursday, July 7, 2016

Life with a Toddler

I've been neglectful.

I've been updating you on our life with a newborn, but I haven't shared anything about life with our toddler! Did you even know we had a toddler? Her name is Millie and she is a threenager.

Photo by Hannah Elise Photography
I am fully aware that raising a dog is not the exact same thing as raising a tiny human, but it sure does come close sometimes! Since Aida has been born (and even before that), we've noticed that Millie's behavior closely resembles that of your typical 2-3 year old child. Here's why:

1. She doesn't want to sleep in her own bed.
Millie always wants to cuddle up with us at night, and gets a little irritated when we make her go to her own bed. Sorry, Millie, but a queen sizer just isn't enough for two adults and a 60 lb dog!


2. She loves to play games like hide and seek, but like most toddlers, isn't quite creative enough with her hiding spots. She can always be found under the bed.


3. She is curious, and is always trying to eat things that should not be eaten.
Every single walk is constant stream of "Millie leave it! Leave it Millie! Thank you Mille, good girl, good leave it. Millie leave it!"

4. She has no sense of personal boundaries.
For instance, she doesn't realize that climbing up behind someone on the couch, curling up across their shoulders, and proceeding to lick their heads is not socially acceptable.


5. She hasn't learned how to share.
This is the time when toddlers start learning that sometimes they need to share their toys, but they also can't just grab toys from other kids without asking. This is a work in progress with Millie. I apologize in advance if your dog has a tennis ball, because without a doubt Millie will steal it and hoard it like it's gold.

6. She throws temper tantrums
Sometimes, we'll be getting ready to leave and we'll say "okay Millie, time to go upstairs." Millie, however, does not want to go upstairs, so she handles her frustration the way any toddler would: throws a temper tantrum, hides under the dining room table, and refuses to come out until she gets her way.

As you can imagine, we've got our hands full with our tike and our toddler. But, we love Millie dearly, and she loves her baby sister dearly--we couldn't imagine not having her as part of our family.

Photo by Hannah Elise Photography

All Love,

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