Thursday, July 21, 2016

NSale: Favorites Under $50

What a relief! We made it to Thursday! We're so close to the weekend, and even better, so close to the NSale being open to everyone! Below I've highlighted some of my favorite products under $50--some of these are great pieces for fall, and others are things you can wear now (I don't know about you, but I hate going shopping for things I have to wait to wear--consumerism at its finest!).

NSale Finds Under 50 2016

- These Hue leggings are my favorite of all time--they're comfortable, slimming, and they aren't see through the way some leggings are. I've worn them with boots, flats, heels, and of course, booties! (Some say that you can only wear leggings with boots, but I'm a rule breaker--I just fold them up the tiniest bit so they hit at the ankle and it looks great, and no one can tell they're folded up unless they get down on the ground and look at my ankles--and that would be really weird.)

This was from one of my first fashion posts in 2013. It's kind of dark (rookie mistake), but I'm wearing the Hue leggings with heels here.
- So, I used to have a beauty blender (it was an impulse buy while in line at Sephora one day), and I loved it--then I absentmindedly but it back in the container after I used it (it was wet), and of course it grew mold. I bought a cheap replacement from Target, and I don't know how or why, but it is definitely not the same! This set is a great deal, since one typically costs about $20, and this one includes cleaner. 

Kendra Scott on sale--it's every blogger's dream come true! I love this gorgeous bracelet--it would look great stacked up against a gold statement watch! 

- I also bought a pair of these Zella workout shorts. I mentioned the other week that I've been trying to get back in shape, and these shorts are so comfortable and will be perfect once I can start running outside again! (Because I refuse to run when it's 100 degrees out--no thank you.)

- This beautiful, floral top is sold out (I just saw it featured on a popular blog and knew that would happen).  Here is another beautiful blouse under $50 that comes in a variety of colors and prints. (There are several other items below that are sold out right now--I'm linking similar products, and keeping the original links too because they do restock stuff over the course of the sale. This is what happens when you put a post together, piece by piece, during baby's naptime!)

- This isn't the same scarf that I used in the picture above, but it's pretty close! Unfortunately that one sold out, but this one is still available in several prints and is less than $20! That's a win for sure. 

- Channel your inner Katherine Hepburn with this wool hat. 

- I think I mentioned in an Instagram post that I was debating getting this crossbody, and I am still thinking about it! It's the perfect bag I can grab and throw in my wallet and phone, for when I have those rare moments when I'm leaving the house without the baby. 

- The reason I haven't bought the crossbody just yet is because I'm also thinking about getting this faux suede tote. I have a diaper bag organizer that would probably fit in there, and boom--I've got the cutest diaper bag for fall. It's a great price, and also not real suede, so I won't be bothered by carrying it all over the place and getting it dirty. 

- I've heard a lot about Kut from the Kloth jeans--these come in at just under $50, but they're supposed to fit amazing and feel great, plus they would go well with a pair of booties this fall. 

- I'm a sucker for a cute watch, and the best part about this one is its price! I've been looking for an everyday watch for a while, particularly one with a leather (or faux leather) strap, so I may have to go back for this one. 

- Sad times again! The poncho is now sold out--this is what happens when you have to put your post together over the course of several naptimes! Not to worry, there are still plenty of good looking sweaters available, like this one and this one, still under $50. (I'll still leave the sold out links up, because they do restock items over the course of the sale.)

- These Kate Spade earrings are going quickly--the rose gold ones already aren't available online! I love these studs because they're just the right amount of sparkle to class up any outfit, but still casual enough to wear everyday. 

So there you have it, friends! Plenty of great items to be found under $50--this is a great time to stock up on closet staples, or maybe even shop for Christmas presents! 

I'll be rounding up what's left as we get towards the end of the sale. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions! Some of the above items have made their way into my home, so I'm happy to let you know how it's worked out. 

This post contains affiliate links, so if you click one and make a purchase, I receive a commission. Thanks for supporting Thoroughly Modern!

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