Monday, July 25, 2016


We didn't do a whole lot of anything this weekend, which was nice, but it still went by too quickly. Aida and I ran some errands while Matt worked on Saturday--we braved both Costco and Target that day and survived! We met up with our friends for dinner at Burgers, Beer, and Bourbon--it's delicious, but it doesn't compare to Melt in Leesburg.

Melt Gourmet Burgers Cheese Fries
Behold, the garlic pecorino cheese fries of Melt! I must do a Foodie Tuesday post about this restaurant soon.
After dinner, we decided to go to the Frozen Custard place, where Matt and I had gone on Thursday and demolished a banana split. The "milk," so to speak, was a poor choice, and we all felt way too full. Still, though, it was a perfect evening out, and we spotted this guy on the way to our car, so we all felt a little safer that evening:


Later that night, Gramma got into town! My mom drove up to spend a few more days with Aida before she has to start work again on August 1st (she's a teacher). Sunday was spent at swim class, and just hanging out with Gramma in the afternoon while Matt played golf and I helped judge 4-H Project Books at the Fair. Someone got a little fussy that evening (that's what happens when you don't take your nap!), so to combat that we went out to Babies R Us. We had our Endless Earnings Gift Card to spend, so we picked up some clothes for Aida that are in bigger sizes, and we got a few toys to wrap up later and put under the Christmas tree. Of course, Gramma had to get her some new clothes too.

Now we're just looking forward to a busy week spent with Gramma and other friends! How was your weekend?

All Love,

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