Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Foodie Tuesday: Chili Dogs

When I was fresh out of college, I told everyone that I loved to cook and bake. This typically meant that I could boil pasta, heat up marinara sauce, and successfully make funfetti cupcakes. The truth is, I never had much reason to get fancier than cooking up some frozen cheese tortellini, but I wanted to, and over the years I've slowly learned to actually make real meals, and bake delicious sweets that come from ingredients in my pantry, and not a premixed bag. (Ain't nothin' wrong with funfetti, though--I'll stand by that!)

Which brings me to my Foodie Tuesday post--I'm not clever enough to make up my own recipes, nor have I advanced far enough in blogging to take fancy pictures. I can, however, share my favorite recipes and let you all know the level of difficulty, the tastiness, and, let's be real, how much of a mess it will make.

Just last night, we had chili dogs. There is something about summer that "makes me want a hot dog real bad," (name that movie), and I'd been craving these for a while. I decided to use the Mix and Match Mama recipe for chili, then throw together some hot dogs and voila! Classic summer supper.

chili dogs
Straight devoured. 
You can find the link to the recipe here, and I also recommend checking out Shay's cookbooks on Amazon. Her recipes are all very easy to follow, plus she even provides a shopping list! (Meal planning itself is half the battle.)

If you can chop an onion, brown meat, and operate a can opener, then you are totally set for this recipe. Pro Tip: (Yes, I'm referring to myself as a pro, I have a very high opinion of myself) Have everything prepared before you get going--onion and jalapeno chopped, chili powder measured out, and cans all opened. That makes things much simpler when you're throwing things into the pot.

I believe that the beer really brings out the flavor in this recipe, so choose wisely! I heard once that when you're cooking with wine, use a wine that you would drink, and I feel like the same principle applies here.

Top it off at the end with some chopped onions and shredded cheese. Don't worry if you have too much leftover--freeze that bad boy and save it for your next cookout, or rainy summer evening when you need some comfort food.

Overall, it's an easy recipe, VERY tasty and makes minimal mess because it all cooks in one pot.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Foodie Tuesday concept, and if you have any recipe suggestions!

(P.S. I'm including some of my favorite cooking utensils and whatnot below, that helped this recipe come together. I'll be doing a more in-depth post in the future about my favorite pieces I own.)

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