Monday, June 12, 2017

Music Monday

Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend? Ours was very low key--I worked on Saturday, and during our free time we worked on projects around the house. We did make sure to visit the splash pad, and Aida--being the kind soul that she is--made sure that Mo and Baba got to experience the magic of the splash pad as well.

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We have a busy week ahead--we're going out of town on Friday, which means a weeklong extravaganza of packing when you've got at toddler. I'll also be continuing my efforts to get Aida acclimated to the daycare of my gym. We have been making slow progress there, and it just about breaks my heart every time I leave her in there, bawling her eyes out, trying desperately to cling to me so I don't leave her...

And on that note, the best way to make Mondays (and other tragedies in life) more bearable is through music--and oh buddy, have I got some great, new music for you! I'm pretty positive I've rambled on about Bleachers before, but if not, here's the low down: Bleachers is fronted by Jack Antonoff, a former member of the band Fun., and is a band that you need in your playlist rotation. Their breakout album was nothing short of awesome, and then they topped themselves by releasing the album again, this time all songs done by various female artists. Now, they've released their second album and of course it is the bee's knees. Check it out on Spotify or Apple, but below is a little sample of my favorites. (P.S. You'll notice a female voice joining in at the end on "Don't Take the Money," and that just happens to be a little lady from New Zealand known as Lorde.)

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